Batch Booths - These types of powder coating booths typically have no conveyor running through them and are used for relatively low volume and/or large parts. Parts are typically moved into the booth manually on a portable rack or carrier and then coated with one or more manual spray guns.

Conveyorized Booths - These types of powder coating booths are equipped with continuous conveyors and are typically used for higher volume operations as compared to batch booths. Conveyorized booths can be equipped with all manual guns, all automatic guns, or typically both. Conveyorized booths can also be equipped with gun moving equipment ranging from oscillators and reciprocators to single and multi-axis movers including robots.

Cartridge Booths - This type of powder booth recovery system is typically used by finishers that have anywhere from one to a few high volume colors that they reclaim and reuse, and possibly other low volume colors that they may not reclaim. Color change times are not typically fast in these booths except for where multiple roll-on/roll-off booths are used and a system is color changed off-line while the other system is in operation. Learn more about cartridge booths.

Cyclone Booths - This type of powder booth recovery system is more widely known for allowing the ability to change colors quickly. Cyclone booths (pdf) are typically used by finishers that have quite a large number of colors and/or need to change colors frequently and quickly.

Lean Cell Booths - This type of powder system is somewhat of a hybrid of cartridge recovery system, dense phase application equipment, and continuous conveyor. It is a cartridge recovery system similar to batch booths, but has a continuous conveyor running through it. Depending on the application/delivery technology, these systems can be used for 20 second color changes by not recovering the over-sprayed powder. These particular finishers have determined that the cost of downtime to color change the whole system (including booth, recovery, and application equipment) is higher than the cost of scrapped powder. Learn more about lean cell booths (pdf).

Chain-On-Edge Booths - This type of powder system utilizes a continuous conveyor that is inverted such that the part is carried on a rotating spindle as opposed to hanging the part on an overhead conveyor. This type of system is commonly used for coating round parts that can be rotated (and sometimes indexed) in front of the automatic guns such as -- oil filters and wheels for cars, trucks, and busses.

Flat-Line Booths - This type of powder system utilizes a continuous flat belt conveyor and is often used for two dimensional parts such as blanks (pre-cut/post formed flat metal sheets), and three dimensional parts such as brake pads where the abrasive underside needs to be masked (not coated).

Pipe Booths - Pipe booths (pdf) are used for the continuous powder coating of small and large diameter pipe. This is typically a high film build application of fusion bond epoxy on pre-heated pipe. A similar application is also used for rebar (concrete reinforcing bar).

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