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Products Finishing magazine is searching for the best-run and most customer-driven electroplating and anodizing operations to give them an award of distinction: the title “Top Shop”   View the Electroplating and Liquid/Powder Coating  "Top Shops" for 2016 View the Electroplating and Liquid/Powder Coating  "Top Shops" for 2015  

2017 Top Shops Benchmarking Survey: Investments, Profits Are Trending Up

Analysis: Trends show more consistencies than differences over time; shops are increasing capital expenditures each year, with shops ranking at the top spending at 10 percent of gross sales.

Medina Plating Earns No. 1 Top Shops Status

Medina Plating’s operational performance earned it the distinction of being the No. 1 shop in the Products Finishing Top Shops Benchmarking Survey conducted in late 2016.

2016 Products Finishing Top Shops

The Products Finishing Top Shops for 2016 in alphabetical order, including both electroplating and liquid and powder coatings.

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Products Finishing's benchmarking survey will recognize best finishing shops, but also help improve your shop's efficiencies.
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2017 Finishing Industry Economic Forecast

What the team at Gardner Business Intelligence sees ahead for the industrial finishing industry in 2017.

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Liquid, Powder Coating Top Shops Pick Up Awards At Fabtech

Several of the Top Shops made the trip to the show to visit exhibitors and to take part in the awards presentation.

Capital Expenditures and Growth

The axiom says that you must spend money to make money. Turns out the statistics prove it true, too. Top Shops spend money to make money, and keep more of it.

Professional Plating: Here We Grow Again

Professional Plating's commitment to new technology and equipment not only earned it a Products Finishing Top Shops status for 2017, but it also garnered them special notation for their enhanced technology processes.