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Every month industrial finishing suppliers announce new products, new technology and new innovations to Products Finishing magazine. Here you’ll find them broken down by product category.

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PUBLISHED: 3/14/2019

Hydrite Surface Finishing Product Includes a Variety of Chemicals

Hydrite assesses a customer’s specific needs to create solutions.

PUBLISHED: 3/14/2019

Hendor D13 Vertical Pump Reduces Energy Consumption

Hender-PE’s line of pumps and filtration systems includes the D13 series of sealless, bearingless vertical pumps.

PUBLISHED: 3/14/2019

Eagle Plastic Offers On-site Lining and Coating

Eagle Plastic specializes in plastic tanks, displays and fixtures.

PUBLISHED: 3/14/2019

Fanta Spin Dryers Enhance Production Process

Fanta Equipment Company spin dryers feature two ways for faster plating operations.

PUBLISHED: 3/14/2019

Darrah Electric Rectifier Control Designed for Versatility

Darrah Electric offers power supplies for air- and water-cooled plating, anodizing and electrocoating.

PUBLISHED: 3/14/2019

ChemQuest Services Provide Custom Formulas

ChemQuest​​ services include custom blends, processing and laboratory support.

PUBLISHED: 3/14/2019

AgiSonic Cleaning Machine Designed for Large Parts

The AgiSonic cleaner is available in three standard sizes.

PUBLISHED: 3/14/2019

A&D's Dyes Make Parts Brighter

A&D offers a range of electroplating additives to plating shops.

PUBLISHED: 3/14/2019

Bowman G Series XRF Designed for Electronics, Semiconductors, Connectors

Bowman coating thickness measurement system offers flexibility for measuring a variety of sample sizes, shapes and quantities.  

PUBLISHED: 3/13/2019

EPi Metalworking Products Help Parts Stay Stronger, Longer

EPi sealing and finish products inhibit corrosion and prevent rust/oxidation.

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