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Every month industrial finishing suppliers announce new products, new technology and new innovations to Products Finishing magazine. Here you’ll find them broken down by product category.

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PUBLISHED: 9/8/2019

Eurovac Engineers Dust/Fume Extractions

Products include portable/central vacuum systems, dust collectors, wet collectors, downdraft tables, fume arms and portable extractors.

PUBLISHED: 9/8/2019

Egyptian Coatings Provides Custom Formulations

Thermadep is a one-step, water-based coating process for metal products.

PUBLISHED: 9/7/2019

Echo Masking Components Accelerate Finishing

Custom masking components can also decrease or even eliminate the need for costly rework.

PUBLISHED: 9/7/2019

Diamond H2O Provides Water Conditioning, Filtration Equipment

Skid-mount systems produce reverse osmosis water and are engineered to reduce cost and complexity for installation.

PUBLISHED: 9/7/2019

Daifuku Designs Custom Material Handling Systems

It also sells SmartCart automatic guided vehicles parts, baggage handling parts and baggage handling conveyors.

PUBLISHED: 9/7/2019

CTI Systems Designed for Heavy Loads

Products include complete systems for ecoat, painting and powder coating as well as storage and material flow installations.

PUBLISHED: 9/7/2019

Cortec BioCorr Provides Eco-friendly Corrosion Protection

Company will also highlight EcoAir line of surface preparation and rust prevention products.

PUBLISHED: 9/7/2019

Chemco Filters Help Create Dust-Free Environment

Company products focus on coatings, filtration and spray booth maintenance.

PUBLISHED: 9/7/2019

Castrol LubeCon Supplies Finishing Lubricants, Equipment

LubeCon offers products and equipment for conveyors, including shot-to-point lubricators with smart controls, greasers, cleaners, chain wear monitors and industrial lubricants.

PUBLISHED: 9/7/2019

Carbit Paint Custom Formulates Industrial Coatings

Carbit creates made-to-order paint colors by factory grinding dry pigments, not by tinting bases, in order to produce coatings with excellent opacity and fade resistance.

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