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Every month industrial finishing suppliers announce new products, new technology and new innovations to Products Finishing magazine. Here you’ll find them broken down by product category.

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PUBLISHED: 3/19/2019

Dynatect Reveals Tank Cover Design

Protective guarding suitable for long tanks.

PUBLISHED: 3/19/2019

Dynamix Custom Formulates to Maximize Productivity

Laboratory services for metal finishing.

PUBLISHED: 3/19/2019

Columbia Chemical Highlights TriCOL Décor Process, Trivalent Chromium Plating

Develops plating and surface finishing additives.

PUBLISHED: 3/19/2019

Hubbard-Hall Tackles Complex Surface Finishing and Wastewater Treatment Problems

Develops specialty chemicals for surface finishing applications.

PUBLISHED: 3/19/2019

Calorplast Showcases Nonmetallic Chemical Process Equipment

Products help maintain manufacturing process quality and productivity.

PUBLISHED: 3/19/2019

Assured Provides Corrosion Exposure, Mechanical and Materials Testing

Provides key data across any phase of product life cycle for variety of industries.

PUBLISHED: 3/18/2019

Industrial Plastic Fabricator Offers Flexible Product Range

A.S. Plastics will have wide range of products on display.

PUBLISHED: 3/18/2019

Cell Tests Chemistries for Shelf Roughness

The Jiggle Cell from JPS Technologies is a 1,000-mL cell that allows companies to test plating chemistries to help determine shelf roughness, and low- and high-current density areas.

PUBLISHED: 3/15/2019

Rectifier Available in Forced Air or Direct Water-Cooled Format

American Plating Power offers industrial power solutions.

PUBLISHED: 3/15/2019

Pro-MEC Engineering Services Offers Total Facility Optimization Approach

Servicing the industry since 2000.

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