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PUBLISHED: 11/1/2017

Mid-Size Robot Allows Paint Line Automation

FANUC’s smaller P-40iA system provides a larger work envelope at an affordable price.

PUBLISHED: 11/1/2017

Plating Eductors Maximize Solution Shearing Action at Part Surface

At Fabtech 2017, Bex will display plating eductors, which create turbulent solution flow without air spargers or impellers, both of which are said to introduce air, steam and contaminants into plating tanks.

PUBLISHED: 10/31/2017

Mixing and Dosing System Includes Stroke Sensor Option

The 2K-Smart from Wagner is an electronically controlled and programmable plural-component dosing and mixing system that is equipped with flow meters or with optional stroke sensors.

PUBLISHED: 10/30/2017

Entry-Level Automatic Spray Coating System on Display

At Fabtech 2017, The U.S. and Canadian subsidiaries of Germany’s Venjakob, Nutro Inc. and Venjakob North America, will demonstrate the Ven Spray Mini, an entry-level automatic spray coating system, as well as a coating solution consisting...

PUBLISHED: 10/27/2017

Hoists Allow Flexibility in Low-Volume Applications

Therma-Tron-X programmed hoists are designed for maximum flexibility in low volumes, suited for customers who want to plan for every possibility but are not so concerned with high production or maximum efficiency.

PUBLISHED: 10/26/2017

Dust Collectors Designed to be Highly Efficient

Tri-Mer Corp. offers wet and dry pollution-control systems, including the Whirl/Wet dust collector, which is said to be 99-percent efficient for a range of applications and micron sizes.

PUBLISHED: 10/25/2017

Heating/Cleaning System Manufacturer Adds Electric Infrared Heaters

Trimac Industrial Systems has added electric infrared heaters to its product offerings, which include process heating and cleaning equipment such as gas catalytic infrared ovens, convection ovens, parts washers, pretreatment washers, and powder coat...

PUBLISHED: 10/24/2017

Finishing Mill Driven by Direct-Drive Motor

At Fabtech 2017, SWECO will spotlight its Vibro-Energy finishing mills, which are round-bowl vibratory finishing machines driven by a direct-drive motor that the company says uses less energy per cubic foot of capacity and are less prone to dri...

PUBLISHED: 10/23/2017

Spray System Combines Air Supply and Filtration

An air supply and filtration system from Sata Spray Equipment/Dan-Am Co. that combines the Sata Vision 2000 supplied-air respirator and Sata 400 filter system is designed to allow spray operators to breathe easier, providing both breathing air and p...

PUBLISHED: 10/20/2017

Manual Electrostatic Spray Gun Delivers High Transfer Efficiency

The Nanogun-MX Airmix manual electrostatic spray gun from Sames Kremlin combines electrostatic spray technology for liquid paints with Airmix medium- to high-pressure spray technology to deliver a uniform film build thickness and high transfer effic...

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