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Every month industrial finishing suppliers announce new products, new technology and new innovations to Products Finishing magazine. Here you’ll find them broken down by product category.

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PUBLISHED: 3/18/2019

A.S. Plastics Chemical Dispensing Equipment Protect Users

Provide chemical dispensing equipment and custom-made components.

PUBLISHED: 3/18/2019

JPS Jiggle Cell Tests Chemistries for Shelf Roughness

JPS Technologies’ Jiggle Cell serves as an analytical tool for decorative nickel plating baths.

PUBLISHED: 3/15/2019

American Plating Rectifier Features a High-Quality Design

American Plating Power’s PowerRack LT2 Switchmode power supply is available in a forced air or direct water-cooled format.

PUBLISHED: 3/15/2019

Pro-Mec Offers Variety of Services

Pro-Mec provides a variety of services to the surface finishing industry. 

PUBLISHED: 3/15/2019

PriceWalgren and Jessup Systems Provide Custom Surface Finishing Equipment

Industries served by PriceWalgren and Jessup Systems includes automotive, aerospace/military, agricultural and industrial marketplace as well as job shops.

PUBLISHED: 3/15/2019

Precious Metal Offers Gold, Silver and Platinum

Precious Metal Sales fabricates pure silver products, such as anodes which are included in gumdrops and kisses, mini mints and popcorn/raisins.

PUBLISHED: 3/15/2019

Plymouth Technology Chemicals Designed for Water, Process Treatment

Focuses on providing discharge compliance with minimal cost.

PUBLISHED: 3/15/2019

Peerless Custom Racks Designs for a Variety of Applications

Peerless Custom Racks provide custom plating racks to the surface finishing industry. 

PUBLISHED: 3/15/2019

Midwest Air Products Feature Pollution Control

Midwest Air Products include chrome scrubbers, industrial fans and blowers, and mist eliminators.

PUBLISHED: 3/15/2019

MacDermid Enthone Coatings Improve Durability, Aesthetics

MacDermid’s chemistries are used for metal and plastics in a range of applications.

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