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Every month industrial finishing suppliers announce new products, new technology and new innovations to Products Finishing magazine. Here you’ll find them broken down by product category.

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PUBLISHED: 3/25/2019

Haviland's Process Designed for Plating Complicated Parts

Enables uniform deposition across wide range of current densities.

PUBLISHED: 3/25/2019

KraftPowercon’s Rectifier Features Dual Mode

Can be programmed to run different volts, amps and programs to different tanks simultaneously.

PUBLISHED: 3/25/2019

KCH Safe Chrome Process Replaces Hexavalent-Chromium Processes

Replace hexavalent-chromium processes for both functional and decorative applications.

PUBLISHED: 3/25/2019

Fischer Quality Control Systems Designed for Customization

Fischer Technology offers optimization for manufacturing automation.

PUBLISHED: 3/25/2019

Dynapower Key Advantage Program Provides Rectifier Assessment

Dynapower’s products help increase rectifier production uptime and maximize ROI.

PUBLISHED: 3/25/2019

Dynamic Work Order System Manages Shop Data Paperlessly

The system scales to meet customer requirements, and provides full life-cycle software engineering.

PUBLISHED: 3/25/2019

Caplugs' CSPP Plugs Used in Finishing Processes

Caplugs’ CSPP series plugs can be used for finishing processes.

PUBLISHED: 3/25/2019

SurTec Creates Custom Chemicals for Surface Treatment

Will present comprehensive products portfolio.

PUBLISHED: 3/22/2019

Stenner's S Series Pump Built for Demanding Applications

Stenner Pump Company offers variety of pumps, tanks and meter systems to fit each application.

PUBLISHED: 3/22/2019

Samsco Thermal Evaporator Systems Separate Waste in One Step

Samsco designs, manufactures and installs evaporator systems.

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