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Published: 5/1/2016

Anodizing: Black Dyed Parts Require Excellent Lightfastness
Q. How long does an 8-rated dye last?

Published: 5/1/2016

Anodizing: Black, Pitted Areas on Anodized Parts
Q. What are the black pits on my parts? How is this happening?

Published: 2/1/2016

Anodizing: Stripping Type III (Hard) Anodic Coatings
Q. Is it possible to strip hard coat type III anodized coatings?

Published: 2/1/2016

Anodizing Clinic: Technical References for Anodizing
Q. Are there any books or other resources that you could recommend for me to read and keep on hand as references?

Published: 2/1/2016

Anodizing Q&A: Rinsing Blind Holes Prior to Dying
I have problems with leaching from blind holes in black anodized parts.

Published: 12/1/2015

Anodizing: Adhesion of Organic Coatings on Black Anodized Parts
Q. Is there an alternate black anodized finish to the black dye method?

Published: 12/1/2015

Anodizing: Typical Hardness of Type III (Hardcoat) Anodized Coatings
Q. Would increasing the hardness of a coating show a significant increase in wear resistance?

Published: 10/1/2015

Legal Q&A: Avoiding Added Expenses
How to avoid added expenses from increasing salary.

Published: 9/1/2015

Anodizing Q&A: Calculation for Adding Aluminum to a New Anodizing Bath
What is the calculation for adding aluminum to an anodizing bath?