2015 Fabtech Preview

CCAI Finishing Pavilion is largest in six years; show runs Nov. 9-12.


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With the CCAI Finishing Pavilion in its sixth year, Fabtech is one of North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing exhibitions. This year, expectations are high as event organizers estimate attendance to top 40,000 to see 1,500 exhibitors covering more than 550,000 square feet in McCormick Place in Chicago from Nov. 9-12. More than 210 exhibiting companies will cover the Chemical Coaters Association International’s largest finishing pavilion to date.

This event features equipment demonstrations and education and networking opportunities. CCAI will host more than 20 sessions on the basics of finishing, innovations in finishing, cost-saving solutions and more, with hands-on demos and presentations from experts in the industry.

New this year, CCAI is offering 30 percent off any finishing educational session by using code SAVE3CC when you register.  This offer is only available for CCAI’s Finishing Sessions.  Attendees can register for the exhibits for free until Nov. 6 by entering Priority Code FBGUEST during the on-line registration process.  

“We want to continue to educate the industry on all the processes and new technology," says Kelly LeCount, CCAI’s Director of Education and Communication. “We want to make sure everybody gets what they need from being there and from attending.”

This year’s keynote speaker, Rusty Wallace, a NASCAR legend and champion, will speak about the importance of teamwork and how it plays a part in the success of a company in his presentation, “Running a Winning Organization.”

CCAI will host a new workshop that will be offered twice throughout the week. The Spray Painters Workshop is a 4-hour hands-on training session for attendees to learn proper spray techniques and optimize finishing practices to reduce defects through the use of virtual reality spray equipment. Attendees will receive a certification upon completion.

From industry night at Lucky Strike to featured panels and keynotes, organizers promise that Fabtech is sure to be bigger than ever.

Fabtech is sponsored by the Fabricators and Manufacturers Association International,  SME, the Precision Metalforming Association, CCAI and the American Welding Society.

For up-to-date information and conference listings, visit fabtechexpo.com

Originally published in the October 2015 issue.



As of August 10, 2015

Abrasive Products & Equipment

ACT Test Panels, LLC

ADF Systems Ltd.

Adhesive Systems, Inc.

Advanced Energy

AFC Finishing Systems

Akzo Nobel Powder Coatings

American Finishing Resources

American Grinders Inc.

Amiberica, Inc.

Anest Iwata USA

Apel International Inc.

Argon Masking Corp.

Assured Testing Services

ATS Applied Tech Systems

Axalta Coating Systems

AZZ Galvanizing

Baril Coatings USA

BASF Corp.

Bayco / Guspro Inc.

Bel Air Finishing

BEX Spray Nozzles

Blast Cleaning Technologies - div of Metcast

The Blast Shop

Blastman Robotics Ltd.

Bronco Blast Equipment/ Industrial Associates

Bulk Chemicals, Inc.

Caldan Conveyor A/S

Calico Coatings

Calvary Industries Inc.

Canadian Finishing & Coatings Manufacturing

Caplugs, Inc.

Castrol Industrial North America, Inc.

Cataforesis S.A. de C.V.

Catalytic Combustion

Catalytic Industrial Systems


Cefla North America

Chameleon Innovations

Chemco Mfg. Co. Inc.



ChemQuest Inc.

Clean Air Consultants/ Filter 1

Clean Air Technology Solutions, LLC

Clemco Industries Corp.

Col-Met Engineered Finishing Solutions

Columbus Industries, Inc.

Combustion and Systems, Inc.

Conforming Matrix Corp.

Coral Chemical Co.

Crest Industrial Chemicals, Inc.

CRW Finishing

Custom Fabricating & Supplies

Daifuku North America – Jervis B. Webb Company

Datapaq, Inc.

DeFelsko Corporation

Dinamec Systems

DuBois Chemicals

DuPont Teflon Industrial Coatings

Duroair Technologies Inc.

Dynabrade Inc.

Echo Engineering & Production Supplies, Inc.

Eisenmann Corp.

Elcometer Inc.

The Electrocoat Association

ElektroPhysik USA Inc.

Elevance Renewable Sciences

Empire Abrasive Equipment LLC

Empowering Technologies Inc.

Enhancement Technologies / Sublitex-Miroglio

EPSI Masking Co.

Ervin Industries Inc.

Everest Elektromekanik Makine

Express Chem LLC

Finishing Brands

Fischer Technology Inc.

Fostoria Process Equipment, div. of TPI Corp.

Paul N. Gardner Co., Inc.


General Automatic Transfer Co.

General Fabrications Corp.

Gibson Abrasive Equipment, LLC

Global Finishing Solutions LLC

Gostol TST d.d.

Graco Inc.

Greenkote USA

Hedson Technologies North America Inc.

Henkel Corp.

Hentzen Coatings, Inc.

Heraeus Noblelight America

Herr Industrial, Inc.

Houghton International - Metal Finishing

Houghton International, Inc.

Hubbard-Hall Inc.

IFS Coatings, Inc.

IHC Inc.

Intek Corporation



Iowa Waste Reduction Center

IST International Surface Technologies

Keyence Corp. of America

Keyland Polymer Ltd.

KMI Systems Inc.

Koch Filter Corp.

George Koch Sons, LLC

Kolene Corporation

LDPI, Inc.

LPI, Inc.

LPR Global, Inc.

Magic Rack/Production Plus Corp.

Main Tape Co.

Metal Coaters / Metal Prep

MetoKote Corp.

Midwest Finishing Systems, Inc.

Mighty Hook Inc.

MPC Plating, Inc.

Munters Corp.


Nordson Corp.

Northern Coatings & Chemical

Northrop Grumman Information Systems

Orient Corp. of America


Oshkosh Finishing Services

Parker Ionics

Patriot Metal Finishing Systs.

Pneu-Mech Systems Mfg. LLC

Polifilm America

Pollution Control Products Co.

Porcelain Enamel Institute, Inc.

Powder Coating

Powder Parts, Inc.

PPG Industries, Inc.

Precious Plate Inc.

Precision Quincy Ovens LLC

Pretreatment Equipment Manufacturing Inc.

Proceco Ltd.

Products Finishing Magazine

Prona Tools Inc.

Protech Powder Coatings

Rapid Engineering LLC

Reading Technologies Inc.

Reliant Finishing Systems

Rhodes Systems International, Inc.

Richards-Wilcox, Inc.



Safety-Kleen/ EcoPower

Sames - EXEL North America

Sata Spray Equipment

Selas Heat Technology

The Sherwin-Williams Co.

Shop Floor Automations

sia Abrasives


Southern Systems, Inc.

Specialty Metals Processing

Sponge-Jet, Inc.

Spray Systems, Inc.

SprayTech / Junair

Stoelting, Inc.

Suhner Industrial Products

Sunkiss Mathern Radiation

Superfici America Inc.

System Technologies, Inc.

Tanis Inc.

TCI Powder Coatings

TekVisions, Inc.

Therma-Tron-X, Inc.

Tiger Drylac USA, Inc.

Top Cat Air Tools


Transmet Corporation

Trimac Industrial Systems, LLC

Uni-Spray Systems Inc.

United Industries, Inc.

Valmont Coatings

Vapor Technologies

Venjakob Maschinenbau / Nutro Inc.

VitaFlex LLC

Vitracoat America Inc.

Vogel Industrial Coatings

Vulkan Blast Shot Technology

Wagner Industrial Solutions

Walther Pilot North America

Webb-Stiles Company

Whiting Corp.

Wisconsin Oven Corp.

For a complete list of the more than 1,500 exhibitors at Fabtech, visit: www.fabtechexpo.com

Exhibits & Display

2016 Fabtech Preview
American Grinders Inc.’s Smooth Texture Powder Coating Hides Fabrication Marks
Axalta’s AR400 Arcadia Silver Offers Abrasion Resistance
AZZ Galvanizing Services’ GalvXtra and Natina Steel Formulated to Prevent Fading
Blast Cleaning Technologies’ Plate Blast System Designed for Descaling of Plate and Structural Shapes
Blastman’s Blasting Robots Efficiently Remove Tough Coatings
Calvary Industries Inc.’s Deox Acid Cleaners Remove Oils and Soils
Caplug’s Pipe Thread Masks Protect Piping and Tubing
Catalytic Industrial’s Cure Ovens Prevent Powder Loss
Chemco’s BS-FT Spray Booth Coating is Freeze-Thaw Stable
Chemetall’s Gardobond AP 9840 Replaces Detergent Iron Phosphates
Clemco’s Preassembled Blast Room Minimizes Installation Time
Col-Met’s LED Lights Constructed for Longer Life Span
Columbus Industries’ CI Micro Shield Mini-Pleated Filter Generates Low Air-Flow Resistance
Coral Chemical’s Eco-Treat Pretreatment Provide Green Solutions
Crest Chemicals Inc.’s Crest PPC-74 Pretreatment Developed with Wetting Agents
Datapaq’s TP3 Temperature Profiling System Surveys Heat Treatment Applications
DeFelsko Corp.’s PosiTector Gauge for Easy Conversions
DuBois Chemicals’ Pearl-Z Metalworking Fluids Maximize Surface Contact
Elcometer 480 Designed for Reliable Measurements
ElektroPhysik’s Digital Sensors Compatible with Smartphones
Empowering Technologies’ StressVoyager Ultrasonic Impact Treatment Reduces Maintenance Costs
EPSI’s 3D Printing Increases Efficiency
Exel’s Nanogun MV Diminishes Use of VOCs
Finishing Brands’ DeVilbiss Clean Designed for Contaminant-Free Finishing
Fischer Technology Inc.’s X-Ray Fluorescence Instrument Measures Coating Thickness
Fostoria’s Modular Curing Ovens
Gardner Co. Inc.’s TQC Pinhole Detector Highlights Small Defects
Gema’s OptiSpray AP01 Application Pump Generates Powder Savings
Henkel Corp.’s Bonderite Coatings Perform at Reduced Operating Cost
Hougton International’s Houghto-Prep ZP Reduces Energy, Water and Chemical Usage
Hubbard-Hall’s Paint Coating Reduces Energy Costs
IFS Purecoat Clears Deliver Protection
Intek’s OM Heater Modules Enable Easy Installation
IntelliFinishing’s Automatic Finishing Systems Cut Down on Downtime
Keyland Polymer’s UV-Curable Powder Coatings Offered in Full Range of Colors
KMI’s Pretreatment Systems Use 3D Modeling
Koch Filter Corp.’s Replacement Cartridges Constructed to Strict Specifications
Kolene Corp.’s Kontinuous Paint Stripping Systems Improve Part Grounding
LDPI Inc.’s LEVP LED Fixture Certified for Damp Locations
LPI Inc.’s Portable PML Series Designed for High-Capacity Lifting
LPR’s Washer Line Enables Custom Washing
Magic Rack’s Heavy-Duty Transport System Engineered to Increase Density
MetoKote’s Powercron AdvantEdge Electrocoat Eliminates Need for Dibutyl Tin
Midwest Finishing’s Coat-N-Cure Systems Configured to Facility Layout
Mighty Hook’s Custom Cart Maximizes Part Density
Munters Corp.’s Zeolite Rotor Cassettes Absorb VOCs
NikoTrack’s Finishing Systems Provide Flexibility
Nordson’s Encore HD Mobile Spray System Enables Transfer Efficiency
Parker Ionics’ Pulse Power Increases User Success
Pneu-Mech’s Custom Washers Remove Contaminates
PPG’s Pretreatment System Improves Corrosion Resistance
Rhodes Systems International’s Conveyors Reduce Curing Process
Richards-Wilcox Mono-Cart Conveyors Support Loads Up to 300 lbs
Ruwac USA’s FRV110 Vacuum Series Combats Combustible Dust from Powder Paint
SATA’s SATAminijet 1000 K Pressure-Fed Gun Built to Reduce Technician Fatigue
Sherwin-Williams’ Two-Coat System Offers Seamless Finish
Sherwin-Williams’ Water Reducible Enamel Delivers One-Coat Protection
sia Abrasives Inc.’s Ceramic-Based Fiber Disc Series Used on Unalloyed and Low-Alloyed Steel
Spray Systems Inc.’s Powder Collectors Solve Critical Air Flow Concerns
Stoelting’s Lewis Large Series Ultrasonic Cleaners Engineered with Low-Frequency Transducers
TCI’s TruAnodize Powder Coatings Formulated for Color Variation
Therma-Tron-X’s SlideRail Transfer System Minimizes Material Handling Time
Tiger Drylac’s Color Charts Give Preview of Colors Prior to Purchase
Transmet Corp.’s ZA4 Zinc Alloy Shop Removes Flash from Light Metal Castings
Ultrasonic’s Ultra 2400FA Ultrasonic Cleaner for Greener Cleaning
Vapor Tech’s Deposition Systems Designed for High Throughput
VitaFlex’s Soft-Stretch Hood Blocks Airborne Particles
Wagner’s TwinControl System Suitable for Aircoat and Airless Application
Walther Pilot Terra Manual Spray is Budget-Friendly
Wisconsin Oven’s EWN Series Cures Powder Coatings


  • Powder Chemistries

    What is right for the customer?

  • Conveyors and Paint Systems

    Choosing the right conveyor system, coating technology, and ancillary equipment.

  • Masking for Surface Finishing

    Masking is employed in most any metal finishing operation where only a specifically defined area of the surface of a part must be exposed to a process. Conversely, masking may be employed on a surface where treatment is either not required or must be avoided. This article covers the many aspects of masking for metal finishing, including applications, methods and the various types of masking employed.