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3/30/2016 | 5 MINUTE READ

2016 Products Finishing Top Shops

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The Products Finishing Top Shops for 2016 in alphabetical order, including both electroplating and liquid and powder coatings.


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The Products Finishing Top Shops were selected from an online benchmarking survey conducted in December. The 40+ question survey asked questions in a number of areas related to the finishing industry.

The comprehensive benchmarking survey is broken into four categories:

  • Current Finishing Technology: We looked at which shops have the most up-to-date equipment and technology to make them efficient and consistent in their plating operations.
  • Finishing Practices and Performances: We examined shops that have substantial “best practices” in areas such as testing, quality control, environmental stewardship and shop management.
  • Business Strategies and Performances: The survey looked at shops that have unique and profitable operation plans and business strategies that attract and keep customers.
  • Training and Human Resources: Plating lines do not run themselves, and we looked at how shops hire and train employees, as well as how those employees are compensated and recognized for outstanding contributions.

Based on those answers, we calculated which finishing operations were the “Top Shops” as it pertained to finishing technology, operations, best practices and business operations.




A.M. Metal Finishing, Orlando, FL 

Rick Hunter, President

ABQC Corp., Milwaukee, WI 

Brian Stoddard, President

Active Metal Finishing, Toronto, CAN 

Allan Phillips, President

Advanced Plating Technologies, WI 

John Lindstedt, President

Allegion, Carmel, IN

James Sweney, Manager

Anoplate, Syracuse, NY 

Milt Stevenson, Vice President

Arlington Plating, Palatine, IL 

Richard Macary, President

AVM Inc., Chantilly, VA 

Vijay Kapur, President

Barry Avenue Plating, Los Angeles, CA 

Charles Kearsley, President

BFG Manufacturing Service, PA 

Jeffrey Grube, President

Cadillac Plating, Warren, MI 

Nicola Salvati, President

ChemResearch Corp., Phoenix, AZ

James Burriss, President/CEO

City Plating, Cleveland, OH 

Randy Solganik, President

DECC, Grand Rapids, MI 

Fred Mellema, President

Dixie Industrial Finishing, Tucker, GA 

David Henderson, President

East Side Plating, Portland, OR 

Gary Rehnberg, President

Electro-Spec, Franklin, IN 

Jeffrey Smith, President

ElectroLab II, Oldsmar, FL 

Lonnie/Buddy Harder

Electroless Nickel Plating, Hammond, LA 

William McNabb, President

Electrolizing Corp., Cleveland, OH 

Bill Loucks, General Manager

Freedom Metal Finishing, Clearwater, FL

Keith Eidschun, President

Hohman Plating, Dayton, OH 

William Miller, Owner

J&M Plating, Rockford, IL 

Mark Morris, CEO

Jamestown Electro Plating, NY 

John Churchill, President

Light Metals Coloring, Southington, CT 

Richard Fleet, President

Lincoln Industries, Lincoln, NE 

Marc LeBaron, CEO

The Lindgren Group, New Hope, MN 

Peter Waldo, President

Luke Eng. and Mfg, Wadsworth, OH

Chris Jurey, President

Lustrous Metal Coating, Canton, OH 

Mike Paxos, President

Marsh Plating, Ypsilanti, MI 

Matthew Marsh, President

Microfinish, St. Louis, MO 

Bill Stock, President

New Method Plating, Worcester, MA 

Ralph Capalbo, President

Oshkosh Plating Technologies, WI 

Aaron Johnson, President

Palmetto Plating, Easley, SC 

John Cutchin, President

Paulo Products, Murfreesboro, TN 

Ben Rassieur, President

PEP General Metal Finishing, MA 

Stephen Chatfield, President

Pilkington Metal Finishing, UT 

Van Pilkington, President

Professional Plating, Brillion, WI 

Larry Dietz, General Manager

Reinfro, Brownsville, TX 

Abelardo Gonzalez, President

Reliable Plating/Elite Finishing, WI 

Jaime Maliszewski, President,

Roy Metal Finishing, Greenville, SC 

John Pazdan, President

Sheffield Platers, San Diego, CA 

Dale Watkins, President

Silvex, Westbrook, ME 

Phil Ridley, President

Square One Coating, Oriskany, NY 

Lloyd Ploof, President

Surtronics, Raleigh, NC 

Angela Stanley, President

SWD Inc., Addison, IL 

Matt Delawder, Vice President

Tanury Industries, Lincoln, RI 

Michael Akkaoui, President

Techmetals, Dayton, OH 

Phillip Brockman, President

Triple Cities Metal Finishing, NY 

Charles Morgan, President

Twin City Plating, Minneapolis, MN 

Ben Minger, President



Liquid and Powder Coatings

A.M. Metal Finishing, Orlando, FL

Sloane Hunter, Vice President

A&A Global Industries, Hunt Valley, MD

Lawrence Saad, Div. Mgr

Advanced Industrial Coatings, Stockton, CA

Dave Arney, Vice President

AIS Inc., Hudson, MA

David Gagne, PC Tech

Albers Finishing & Solutions, Cheney, KS

Brett Albers, President

All-Color Powder Coating, Oregon, WI

Mark Mortensen, President

Alumi-Guard, Brooksville, FL

Charles Howison, VP

Anodizing Paint TNM, Pointe Claire, Can.

Michel Martel, GM

Augusta Coating & Mfg., Thomson, GA

Wayne Wallace, President

Bristol Powdercoating, Toronto, Canada

Allan Phillips, Bus. Mgr

Burkard Industries, Clinton Twp., MI

Jay Burkard, President

Co-Line Welding, Lynnville, IA

Dale Brand, President

Coating Systems Gr., Middleburg Hts, OH

Frank Popiel, President

Cybex International, Medway, MA

Bernie Murphy, Sr Mfg Eng.

Fisher Hydraulics, Laurens, IA

Gregg Eiles, Asst GM

Freedom Finishing Inc., Benton Harbor, MI

Gloria Ender, President

Gap Partners, Rabun Gap, GA

Taylor Cook, Op. Mgr

General Metal Finishing, Attleboro, MA

Stephen Chatfield, GM

Georgia Powder Coating, Gainesville, GA

Counte Cooley, President

Hytrol Conveyor, Jonesboro, AR

David Peacock, President

Intn'l Powder Coating, San Diego, CA

Natah Leisorek, President

J&M Plating, Rockford, IL

Mark Morris, President

JEL Finishing, Chelmsford, MA

Bryan Heil, GM

JIT Powder Coating, Farmington, MN

Tim Milner, President

Kasa Fab, Salina, KS

Mark Slubowski, VP

Keystone Koating, Lititz , PA

Richard Gehman, President

LoneStar Corrosion Services, Houston, TX

Glen Cronin, President

MetoKote, Lima, OH

Jeff Oravitz, President

Microfinish, St. Louis, MO

Bill Stock, President

Micron Metal Finishing, Bridgeview, IL

Brad Watt/Scott Rauter

Olympic Powder Coating, Santa Ana, CA

Mark Cherry, President

Orion Industries, Chicago, IL

George Osterhout, President

Pioneer Metal Finishing, Green Bay, WI

Bob Pyle, CEO

Plastonics, Hartford, CT

Bob Zimmerli Jr., President

Prime Restoration, Memphis, TN

Cory McCabe, Vice President

Professional Plating, Brillion, WI

Larry Dietz, General Manager

Progressive Coating, Chicago, IL

Stephen Walters, President

Reliable Powder Coating, San Leandro, CA

Shawn Taylor, President

Reliance Finishing, Grand Rapids, MI

Patrick Cell, Owner

S&B Finishing, Chicago, IL

Kenny Spielman, President

Select Powder Coating, Owensville, MO

John Scego, Owner

Specialty Group, Detroit, MI

Fred Brant, Manager

Sundial Powder Coating, Sun Valley, CA

Shivie Dhillon, President

Tri-State Fabricators, Cincinnati, OH

Rick Vogt, President

Trojan Powder Coating, Sarasota, FL

Carl Troiano, President

TWF Industries, Alexandria, MN

Tom Furrer, President

United Alloy, Janesville, WI

Stephen Achs, President

Vanwin Coatings, Chesapeake, VA

James A. Whitham, President

Vermeer, Pella, IA

Jason Andringa, President

Westside Finishing, Holyoke, MA

Brian Bell, President


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