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Electrolizing Corporation of Ohio’s Greg Marn says there is no secret as to why about 98 percent of its customers stay with the Cleveland shop.

“At our core, we focus on quality, service and value, which are important to all our customers,” says Marn, the shop’s general manager. “We get to know our customers and what is important specifically to them. We work with them to create the best match of our capabilities and expertise, and their requirements. Our objective is to be partners with
our customers, not just a supplier.” 

That 98 percent retention rate was one reason ECO was selected for distinction in the Products Finishing Top Shops Benchmarking Survey in the Finishing Strategies category. Overall, the company achieved outstanding scores in many of the operational categories.

It’s also a special time for the shop, since 2018 is ECO’s 70th anniversary year, and Marn says the company’s extensive experience has propelled its success.

“We have some of the most talented metal-finishing experts in the industry,” he says. “We understand the rigorous requirements of the industries we serve, such as medical, nuclear, aerospace and military, and we work hard to meet or exceed those requirements.”

ECO markets itself through the internet and trade shows, but Marn says its reputation really drives its marketing and networking. The shop recorded a 99 percent on-time-delivery rate in 2017, with first-pass quality at 96 percent. 

“The performance of our coatings, and our strong quality, on-time delivery and customer service prompts our customers to refer us to their colleagues, customers and even other companies,” he says. “Without our reputation, any marketing would fall short.”

Perhaps even more impressive is that ECO has some very tough customers in some difficult industries, with which Marn says the shop enjoys working.

“We are willing to take on challenging parts,” he says. “Frequently, customers come to us because no one else was interested in trying to process the parts, or no one else could do it. Because of this, we have processed parts for unique applications and from new manufacturing processes.”

ECO also is always looking for ways to improve efficiency, and recently has been working toward improving its administrative processes and reducing waste. Marn says these measures not only can help the shop control costs, but provide environmental benefits as well.

“We have also upgraded some of our older capital equipment to ensure we are keeping our equipment current,” he says. “In general, we have to be very careful making any process changes because our processes are validated. Since most of our customers are in the medical market segment, we are required to inform them and get approval prior to implementing any process changes.”

Electrolizing Corporation of Ohio
1325 East 152nd Street, Cleveland, Ohio 44112

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