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Saporito Finishing in Cicero, Illinois, is home to more than 220 employees who churn out more than 50 million parts each year. And when we say “home,” we mean the employees rarely leave to find jobs elsewhere.

Company President Jeff Logan says his shop has a turnover rate of roughly 1 percent, which explains why Saporito Finishing scored so high in the 2018 Products Finishing Top Shops Benchmarking Survey and is being honored for its excellence in the Human Resources and
Training category.

“We have a team approach, which values the input of employees on most decisions, from capital expenditures to safety policy to process improvement and much more,” Logan says.

A competitive wage with the opportunity to grow in the company is another big reason employees stay at Saporito Finishing.

“This is reinforced in that all supervisors and top management here started at the bottom of the organizational chart and worked their way up,” he says.

The Nadcap-accredited shop has been in operation for 71 years. It boasts a 99.2 percent first-pass-quality yield for 2017 and a 14 percent growth rate, which Logan estimates
will climb to 20 percent in 2018.

One of the big reasons for this expected growth is the employee training and HR practices that Saporito Finishing supports. 

“We provide continual training of employees and a comprehensive HAZCOM indoctrination at hire,” Logan says. “We also provide formal customer service training for everyone in the organization that has any contact or interaction with a customer at any level.”

The shop also has teams in place whose job it is to disseminate information on customers—primarily “new” customers—making everyone in the organization aware of each customer and its requirements.

“This formalized communication gives the same message to everyone in the company,” he says. “We also share data and key performance indicators with the team as real time as possible to allow them to have an idea of how their department is performing.”

Saporito Finishing operates 17 lines and services about 11,000 different type of parts for customers.

“We have adopted a completely new business model that has seen growth to the bottom line,” Logan says. “At first, the philosophy was difficult to get buy-in on for many in the organization, especially those that have been here the longest. But the results are clear and the model is now standard.”

He says it is exciting for his employees to receive the Products Finishing Top Shop designation for all the great work they perform around the clock.

“It is something that the team can take pride in, as well as being another validation and recognition of their extraordinary effort and commitment,” he says.

Saporito Finishing
3119 South Austin Blvd., Cicero, Illinois 60804

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