AAMA Specifications and Aluminum Railing


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Q. Is it correct to assume that AAMA 2604 is suitable for an aluminum railing application and AAMA 2605 is not?—D.W.

A. No, both AAMA 2604 and AAMA 2605 could be relevant for railing. In fact, all of the AAMA specifications are relevant for any aluminum project. There are several differences in the three specifications, but the primary one is in the degree of outdoor weathering protection. AAMA 2603 requires a one-year South Florida gloss and color retention specification; 2604 has a five-year weathering requirement; and 2605 has a 10-year weathering requirement. 

It is true that the three specifications are more likely to be used in certain markets. AAMA 2603 will probably be seen in use for products with indirect- or low-UV sunlight applications like a railing in an entryway. AAMA 2604 is common for windows, doors and hardware that need substantial sunlight protection. AAMA 2605 is most often applied to aluminum used for building cladding and monumental construction where long-term color and gloss retention is essential and exposure is severe.


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