AnoStyle Offers Anodized Color Options For iPhone, iPad


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A Michigan anodizing company is trying to corner the market on colorizing Apple’s popular new iPhone and iPads by offering to anodize the device’s outer shell in an array of vibrant colors.
AnoStyle in Rochester, MI offers the service for $249 per phone with about a one-week turnaround time. The company says its closest competitor, Colorware, is charging $850 for the service.
The company says it is partnering with “the No. 1 device skin and protection company, Ghost Armor” to offer better protection for the iPhone and iPad surfaces, resisting the scratches that are becoming prevalent on the new iPhone 5 device.
Customers place their order online, remove their phone’s memory card (they recommend backing up the phone, too), and then mailing it to AnoStyle to be anodized. They complete a “21-point inspection” to make sure the phone still works, and then mail it back.
The big question: does taking apart the iPhone or iPad void the warranty?
“In short, yes,” AnoStyle says. “Any modification, like AnoStyle, typically voids your manufacturer’s warranty as well as any extended warranty you may have purchased.”
To contact the company, call AnoStyle at 248-266-6606 or via email at contact@anostyle.com