December 2020 ISSUE

December 2020 | Digital Edition

A Focus on Heavy Castings

Winona Powder Coating invests in heavy-duty line and electrocoating to serve agricultural, industrial markets.
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Parts Cleaning

Dialing in Chemistries for a New Washer System

Excel Industries’ new 10-stage washer features several innovative solutions from Chemetall, including a neutral pH descaler to eliminate flash rusting.
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Powder Coating Week 2021 Hosted by PCI

Powder Coating Week 2021, hosted by the Powder Coating Institute, will take place April 27-30 at the Renaissance Orlando at Seaworld.
Powder Coating

Reaping the Benefits of Powder Coating Expertise

To achieve uniform thickness for its powder coated parts, farm equipment manufacturer Bridgeview Manufacturing turns to TIGER Drylac for support.

John Owed, Finishing SBU Director, Carlisle Fluid Technology: How to Reduce Waste for Two-Component Coatings

Steve Houston, director of sales and marketing, Vitracoat Inc.: Troubleshooting Powder Coating Issues with SIRE Methodology

Chad Murphy, Technical Account Manager, Columbia Chemical: Plating with Zinc-Nickel: Benefits and Challenges

Shay Davis, CHEMEON Surface Technology; James Wetherald, VP, Ronatec C2C; Joe Zabielski, Technical Director, Ronatec C2C: Enhancing the Corrosion Resistance of Electroless Nickel with TCP