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February 2021 | Digital Edition

Coating the Webb

From its signature primary mirror to thermal control for its instruments, the James Webb Space Telescope is enabled by gold coatings.
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Liquid Coating

Can Film Pattern Measurement Optimize Aerospace Finishes?

A recent collaboration between CFAN, SprayVision and Saint Clair Systems uses an innovative film measurement system to investigate ways to improve first time yield.

Conductivity in Hard Chrome Plating Baths

Measuring the conductivity of your hard chromium plating bath can help to determine how to best optimize its performance.

Let’s Finish Closing the Quoting Gap

Sharing accurate, timely and actionable data is the key to an effective, respectful relationship between a finishing shop and a contracting machine shop. Software that streamlines the quoting process can make this happen.

Frederick Hess, CEO/Chief Engineer, UFS Corporation: What Causes Increasing DC Rectifier Voltage for Ecoating?

Michael Withers, architectural segment leader, Axalta Coating Systems: Minimizing Defects in Polyester Wrinkle Powder Coatings

Ken Schaer, Aerospace Business Development Manager, Global Finishing Solutions: Considerations for Selecting an Aircraft Paint Booth

Angelo Magrone, Operations Manager, Bales Metal Surface Solutions: Longer, Cleaner Plating Bath Life