May 2021 ISSUE

Products Finishing May 2021
May 2021 | Digital Edition

Coatings Industry Navigates Supply Chain Disruption

As the COVID pandemic continues, coating suppliers work to navigate raw material shortages and chemical price increases.


Lab Legwork Leads to Cleaner Metal Parts

Recent cleaning evaluation conducted by MicroCare yields new synthetic grease remover formulation.

Reinvigorating the Workforce

Do education and outreach hold the key to solving manufacturing’s workforce problem?

Versatile, Flexible Honing Tool Used for Surface Finishing, Cross Hole Deburring

Flexible hones allow complex parts with cross-drilled holes and other difficult-to-access features to be deburred, honed and surface finished.

Verney Denerville, Application Field Specialist, TIGER Drylac: Blistering Defects and How to Avoid Them

Mike Bonner, Vice President – Engineering & Technology, Saint Clair Systems: Adjusting Viscosity in Liquid Coatings

Dan Davitz, industrial finishing line consultant, Prism Strategy & Design LLC: Conveying Long Parts Horizontally

Doug Lay, Director of Technical Marketing, Coventya Inc.: Avoiding Roughness and Pitting in Decorative Bright Nickel