Automotive Color Trend Show Future Colors Will Be 'Nuanced' Berry And Copper Tones

Results from this year's report show future colors will be 'naturally cultivated'
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Designers from BASF Automotive Coatings have announced the results of its latest automotive color trend report. In the report, BASF color experts from North America, South America, Europe and Asia provide a forecast of the automotive colors of the future.
Results from this year's report show future colors will be "naturally cultivated" with nuanced berry and copper tones, along with natural colors such as brown, blue and green.
"Although popular staple colors such as silver, black and white make up approximately 50 to 80 percent of current production, there is a rich diversity of potential shades that is returning to the market," said Paul Czornij, Technical Manager for the BASF Color Excellence group. "The increasing inclination of society to celebrate beauty in earth tones and more traditional green and blue hues is the basis for this trend."
In recent years, the color green has not played much a role on the roads, yet in four to five years, the color is predicted to become more popular. Similarly, white, silver, and gray will gradually wane in popularity at the expense of more saturated colors like blues and browns.
"There are signs from automakers and consumers that the desire for more color on the roads is continuing. We will be tapping into further color spaces, such as bronzes and emeralds," says Mark Gutjahr, Head of Design for BASF in Europe. "The continued high value assigned to the notion of ecology may now again be signified by the color green."