Axalta Adds Corroless to Grow Corrosion Protection Segment

Coatings Line Provides Chemical, Corrosion Resistance for Iron and Steel Substrates


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Axalta has added the Corroless protective coatings line to its chemical and corrosion resistance liquid and powder coating products for iron and steel substrates.

Michael Cash, president of Axalta’s industrial coatings division, says the company has grown its portfolio of liquid, powder and thermoplastic corrosion protection products to attract new customers and get into newer markets.

With existing products such as Nap-Gard for use on external/internal oil and gas pipelines and Abcite for water pipelines and offshore platforms, Cash says acquiring the Corroless and Acothane brand products for steel structures and Plascoat thermoplastic products has been a great fit.

“We’ve been working diligently at positioning ourselves as a global leader in corrosion protection by developing a well-rounded portfolio with the ability to solve the most complex customer needs in the harshest environments,” Cash says.

Alfredo Villalobos, Axalta global director for the oil and gas segment, says the Corroless portfolio provides exceptional, long-term chemical and corrosion resistance to a wide array of iron and steel substrates, while remaining cost-effective.

“The Corroless portfolio contains products that have become a staple among customers who require the utmost protection and battle the harshest of environments,” Villalobos says.

Villalobos says some Corroless products have glass flake for increased impermeability and fast drying characteristics compared to other high-build alkyd finishes to minimize the possibility of dust contamination shortly after application. He says typical applications include fire escapes, pipes, mechanical equipment, bridges and general steelwork.

Corroless coatings withstand immersion in dilute solutions of nonoxidizing acids, alkalis and salts. Villalobos says it has a durable finish that is used for long-term performance both on and offshore.

The Corroless topcoat is designed for application over suitable Corroless primers and intermediates, Villalobos says, and is suitable for urban, marine and industrial environments such as bridges, pipework, cranes, mechanical equipment, storage-tank exteriors, chemical plants and other structural steel. Corroless also has a polyurethane semigloss finish version.

Axalta says acquiring the Corroless and Acothane brand products for steel structures and Plascoat thermoplastic products has been a great fit.

To learn more about the Corroless protective coatings, visit axalta.us/corroless.