Axalta Coating Systems Introduces ReplaShade Custom Powder Color Match Program

Program designed to deliver fast, effective color matches to the powder coating market in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.
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Axalta Coating Systems has launched ReplaShade, a custom color match program that is designed to deliver fast and effective color matches to the powder coating market in the United States, Canada and Mexico. With an eight-day production time, thre company says that ReplaShade gives Axalta the ability to respond to the market’s need for faster service.   


ReplaShade creates the ability to quickly react to unique projects where custom matched powder is required in smaller volumes, creating efficiency and flexibility for Axalta customers. 


“Our customers have expressed the need for a faster service in the marketplace,” said Gilles Georges, Business Director for Axalta’s Powder Coatings business in North America.  “ReplaShade responds to their needs with a focused and efficient service that allows us to reduce our matching and production time.”


ReplaShade’s team of color specialists work to match color needs quickly and effectively utilizing visual inspection, along with a color-calibrating spectrophotometer that accurately captures images of multicolor materials.


ReplaShade is available in Alesta TGIC standard and glycouril polyesters, as well as premium weathering powder coating products, in a variety of surface finishes and gloss ranges. Flexible packaging options are available, ranging from 55 lbs. to 385 lbs.


To contact a ReplaShade representative for more information, or to submit a color match project, please call 1-800-667-9610. 


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