Axalta Coating Systems Launches Global Technologies for the ACE Market

Combination of Axalta’s AquaEC electrocoat, liquid and powder coatings coupled with the company’s global footprint positions the company well.
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Axalta Coating Systems has announced the expansion of its global product portfolio to include manufacturers of agricultural, construction and earth moving equipment (ACE). The combination of Axalta’s AquaEC electrocoat, liquid and powder coatings coupled with the company’s global footprint position the company well to meet the demanding technology and performance requirements of heavy equipment manufacturers.

“We are excited to offer a complete line of products to meet the global needs of our customer base,” explained Michael Bollan, Axalta’s Global Business Director for ACE manufacturers. “Our ability to serve as a single supplier of all three key coating technologies enables us to meet the full range of customer needs with products formulated to meet the highest specification levels of the major manufacturers.”

Axalta has a rich history of developing and supplying a wide range of coating systems for ACE customers including electrocoat, spray and powder coatings. The AquaEC range of electrocoat primers use patented epoxy-based technology to meet high performance OEM specifications, providing superior corrosion resistance with excellent throw power and improved edge protection.


Axalta’s Tufcote liquid coatings are designed to meet the rigorous standards for performance, corrosion protection, gloss and color retention set by leading manufacturers.


Alesta powder coatings deliver superior coverage and transfer efficiency that are designed to enable materials to be coated more productively in less time. Available in a variety of technologies for a broad range of applications, Alesta powder coatings have virtually no VOCs, no targeted hazardous air pollutants and up to 98 percent product utilization, which also makes them the environmentally responsible choice for the ACE market.


Axalta is supporting the global launch of its ACE technology market with a variety of customer support materials, including an innovative brochure. For more information please visit http://www.axaltacoatingsystems.com.


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