Axalta’s AR400 Anodic Natura Powder Coating Hopes to Better Anodized Aluminum

Low-gloss, weathering polyester coating similar in appearance to anodize was developed for architectural and automotive applications.


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In architectural coatings, color mismatch and low abrasion resistance affect product quality and, ultimately, product quantity.

The aluminum industry has historically used anodized products in its building applications, but Axalta Coating Systems is hoping to break into that market with its new AR400 Anodic Natura powder coating from its growing architectural color pallet.

“The industry needed a coating that would look like anodized aluminum, but outperform it,” says Michael Withers, architectural segment leader for Axalta.

The new coating is a weathering polyester that Withers says is designed to replace the anodizing process. Developed for architectural and automotive applications, he says it is formulated for high color retention and a uniform, translucent appearance for general industrial applications. The application process does not require a clear coat, and Axalta says it gives an anodized look to both aluminum and steel substrates.

Originally developed for Axalta’s European division, AR400 Anodic Natura is now made domestically. With UV exposure in the U.S. being much higher than most of Europe, the coating was produced to meet the American Architectural Manufacturers Association’s (AAMA) 2604 specification. Withers says because the powder meets AAMA high performance specifications, it can be used in applications where high weathering performance is required.

The new coating is designed for the versatility of a low-gloss (8 to 12 glossing range), bonded metallic silver to powder coated surfaces, and Withers says it provides good batch-to-batch color consistency and abrasion resistance. Abrasion resistance is important for high traffic areas such as push/pull door handles.

The coating also fulfills the need for environmentally friendly products with virtually no volatile organic compounds or targeted hazardous air pollutants.

“If there are chemicals or solvents in paints, it is a concern for the entire powder coating industry to be environmentally conscious,” Withers says. “This product only emits moisture coming out of the oven.”

AR400 Anodic Natura joins Axalta’s recent addition, AR400 Arcadia Silver, in the Alesta architectural product line. The weathering polyesters in this collection are designed for high quality exterior grade pigments and superior outdoor weathering properties, while meeting AAMA's 2604 standards.

Axalta is offering a five-year warranty on the product to its certified applicators.



Reactive range, curing 12 min. at 374°F

Low sensitivity to pollution

Low energy consumption

Excellent abrasion resistance

Ability to hide substrate effects

Environmentally friendly

Meets AAMA 2604 standards


For more information, visit axalta.us/powder.


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Originally published in the April 2016 issue.