BASF Refinish Coatings Receives GM Global Refinish Approval

BASF Corp. Refinish Coatings has received General Motors Global Refinish approval for its Glasurit and R-M paint brands.


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BASF Corp. Refinish Coatings has received General Motors Global Refinish approval for its Glasurit and R-M paint brand, having met or exceeded all refinish standards established by GM. The company says both the Glasurit premium paint line and R-M productivity line passed dozens of tests to attain this approval: hardness after cure, chip resistance, humidity adhesion, temperature cycle, gas resistance, chemical resistance, weather resistance and more.

According to the company, only refinish systems approved by GM from primer to clearcoat can be used for GM warranty repairs.

“Using OEM-approved materials and following all OEM repair procedures is critical to ensure vehicles operate properly after the repair, maintaining safe operation,” says Jeff Wildman, manager of OEM and industry relations with BASF Automotive Refinish NA. “Our goal is to provide peace of mind to vehicle owners that their vehicles, refinished with BASF products, provide the same protection and durability as the original factory finish.”

BASF Refinish Coatings Vice President Marvin Gillfillan adds: “BASF’s commitment to supply high-quality products to GM is unwavering and continues to strengthen each year. Maintaining our global coatings approvals and earning the GM Supplier of the Year Award 12 times exemplifies our commitment to General Motors.”


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