California AG Settles with Companies Selling Lead- and Cadmium-Tainted Jewelry

Five jewelry distributors sold jewelry containing excessive levels of lead and cadmium.


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California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) Acting Director Meredith Williams announced settlements resolving allegations against five jewelry distributors for selling jewelry containing excessive levels of lead and, in one instance, cadmium.

The companies, located in Los Angeles and Santa Clara Counties, offered for sale and sold jewelry for adults and children with lead or cadmium at levels in violation of California law. In some cases, the jewelry exceeded the legal amount by 1,000 times. In addition, one of the companies misled consumers by labeling jewelry as “lead-free” even though it contained unlawful levels of lead.

The settlements resolve allegations that the defendants violated California’s Metal Containing Jewelry Law and the Unfair Competition Law, and made untrue or misleading advertising claims. These settlements, filed as stipulated judgments, collectively award the state $83,362 in monetary penalties and include orders to comply with all statutes and regulations applicable to the manufacture, distribution or sale of jewelry in California. The companies also agree to sell only jewelry that has been screened or tested before offering it for sale.