CCAI Launches New Market Exporter Initiative

Program is designed to offer export advice while helping companies expand to new markets


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US&FCS trade specialist Cathy Feig explains the New Market Exporter Initiative at the CCAI Annual Meeting.
In conjunction with the U.S. Department of Commerce, the Chemical Coaters Association International recently launched the New Market Exporter Initiative for members. The program is designed to offer export advice while helping companies expand to new markets.
Administered by the U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service International Trade Administration  under the National Exporter Initiative, the program offers the following to CCAI members:

 • Trade Counseling - Get the information and advice you need to succeed

 • Market Intelligence - Target the best trade opportunities

 • Business Matchmaking - Connect with the right partners and prospects

 • Commercial Diplomacy - Ensure your products and services have the best possible prospects for success in international markets

Once you register on-line, CCAI members will receive:

 • Cost-effective and free expert advice from US&FCS trade specialists on new export markets

 • Export training via webinars listed on export.gov

 • Access to US&FCS’s worldwide network

 • Expert advice, local contacts and market intelligence from our specialists who are in your targeted markets

 • Cost-effective Matchmaking Services to locate distributors and representatives

 • Access to free on-line market research reports

There is no cost to a member to register for the program. Several CCAI members have already taken advantage of the program and report they are receiving very valuable information. At CCAI’s Annual Meeting in June, Cathy Feig, US&FCS trade specialist presented information on the program and ways they can assist US manufacturers reach new markets outside of the U.S.   
“This is a great program for our members,” says CCAI Executive Director, Anne Goyer. “It’s especially important for small to medium size companies that don’t have the staff and money to do the research required to explore foreign markets. Members with questions can call me at 941-373-1830 and I’ll ensure they get the information they need if they don’t find it on-line.”
To learn more about the program and to register your company, visit http://export.gov/ccai/.



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