Chloride Concentrations


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Q. Can you give me a titration procedure to check chloride concentrations in the PC-667 acid copper bath? R.V.

A. The plating bath being referred to is used in the printed circuit industry and is an Electro-Brite product. As I always suggest, you should contact your vendor to see if it has a standard procedure available for this test. A standard procedure is:

Using a 50 mL sample:

  • Add 50 mL distilled water
  • Add 25 mL of 50-percent nitric acid
  • Add 5 drops 0f 0.1 N silver nitrate
  • Mix sample thoroughly
  • Titrate sample with 0.01 N Hg(NO3)2 to a clear endpoint

The chloride ion concentration (ppm) = mL of titrant x 709.1 x N

The data sheet for this particular plating bath specifies a chloride concentration of approximately 60 ppm.