Chrome and Electroless Nickel Information



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Q. Where can I obtain information on hard chrome and electroless nickel plating? I am also interested in finding information on replacements for hard chrome. L. R.


A. One of the best places to start looking for information is the Internet. You can find good overview articles at www.pfonline.com. Search using the keywords “hard chrome” and “electroless nickel.” You can expand your searches by “Googling” using the same key words. Information on replacements for hard chromium plating can also be found using the

If you are looking for books on these subjects, you will have a harder time finding them. In my opinion, the best book on hard chromium plating is The Handbook of Hard Chromium Plating by Robert K. Guffie, Gardner Publications, 1986. Unfortunately, this book is out of print, but you may be a find a copy at a good technical library or by searching on the Internet.

A good book on electroless nickel plating is Electroless Nickel Plating by Wolfgang Riedel, published by ASM International, 1991. It is also out of print. 

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