Chrysler Grants Supplier Approval To Coral Chemical

Auto maker grants PS-508 specification approval to Coral Chemical and Chemische Werke Kluthe


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Chrysler Corp. has granted PS-508 specification approval to Coral Chemical Co. of Zion, Ill., and Chemische Werke Kluthe GmbH of Heidelberg, Germany.
The auto maker says Coral Chemical / Kluthe have met all of Chrysler’s stringent system pretreatment requirements with their superior zinc phosphate and iron phosphate metal treatment systems.
Coral Chemical / Kluthe offers a wide variety of metal cleaners and sealing rinses to compliment zinc and iron phosphate coatings and meet the PS-508A and PS-508B requirements of this specification.
Based on years of experience in innovative pretreatment technology, Coral Chemical says it offers expertise needed to support metal finishing customers. Depending on the specific application, they company says it will analyze finishing processes and recommend the best solution for excellent finishing performance.
To learn more about the pretreatment solutions, contact Coral Chemical / Kluthe at 800-228-4646 or visit Coral.com.