Clear Base Coat For Dye Sublimation


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Q. I am looking for a supplier of a clear coating to be applied over a metal plate substrates (aluminum, stainless steel, etc.) to which I will then apply an image using dye sublimation. Do you know of a supplier of coated plates or medallions? I have scoured the internet with little luck, and ran across a thread to which you responded. I hope you might steer me in the right direction. J. S.


A. Although I have never done it, I understand polyester coatings provide an excellent base for dye sublimation. They are available in clear and pigmented types. You can find clear polyester casting and coating resins at craft stores in quart and gallon packages. For larger amounts they are available from some of the larger paint companies at their factory stores as well as from resin manufacturers. They are also available at automotive supply stores. You may want to use the two-component polyester coatings because they are self curing. They do not have to be baked and you will not need an oven or other curing equipment.

Polyester coatings can be applied using conventional and two-component spraying equipment. Using conventional equipment, it is important to work within the coating’s pot life so that it does not set-up in the spray gun. On the other hand, two-component spraying equipment keeps the components separate until they are mixed at the spray gun. You can handle much faster curing formulations using two-component equipment.

I am not aware of suppliers of metal plate substrates or medallions coated with polyester. If your volume is large enough, you may find a coil coater willing to supply coil stock coated with clear polyester.

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