Coating Air Conditioner Coils

Question: We are an air conditioner equipment manufacturer.

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We are an air conditioner equipment manufacturer. We are applying a liquid coating on air conditioner coils using an airless spray gun. The problem is that only the external surface is covered by the paint. Very little paint is getting inside and coating the coil fins. We are using a two-component paint so we can’t dip the coils because of pot life problems. Any help you can give us will be appreciated. S.S.


Just like skinning a cat, there’s more than one way to coat an air conditioner coil. Since your way is not working, let’s look at alternatives. Air or airless electrostatic liquid spraying may provide more coverage to the fins on air conditioner coils provided there are not too many rows of coils. Another alternative would be electrostatic spray powder coating. If conventionally charged powder spray guns do not provide coverage, perhaps tribocharged guns will. In any event, the aforementioned alternative coating methods are worth trying.

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