Combining Deburring, Cleaning, Drying in One System

The EcoCvelox modular machine provides a combination of high-pressure waterjet deburring and low-pressure parts cleaning processes.


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The EcoCvelox modular machine combines high pressure deburring, cleaning and drying processes with quick parts handling. The design allows for future process expansion if the need arises.

Cleanliness demands by customers and cleaning specifications are constantly changing and becoming more rigid. The absence of burrs as well as particulate cleanliness in one job has increasingly become a demand for machine shops and companies manufacturing a range of components. To effectively reach both process goals in the least amount of time, Ecoclean Inc. has developed the EcoCvelox system.

This modular machine provides a combined high-pressure deburring, cleaning and drying capability in one unit. The standard modules of the EcoCvelox are designed for parts measuring 200 x 200 x 200 mm, which are supplied on pallets. To avoid exhaust air, the system can optionally be equipped with an energy efficient air recirculation system.

The combination of the two systems saves time on operating costs, saves space on the shop floor and creates convenient operation and easy maintenance.


The modular design of the deburring/cleaning unit allows users to configure individual systems that merge high-pressure, five-axis deburring, part cleaning and drying in one machine, and to expand these processes as needs evolve.

Tooling configuration for the various processes is adaptable, thus high-pressure deburring can be performed using the standard single spindle at up to 1,000 bar pressure (with a maximum of 3,000 bar). An optional turret accommodating up to five different tools supports complex deburring operations. The tools for the spindle and the turret can be custom designed to match the given part. The machine provides a tool-to-tool change-over time of 1.5 seconds.

For part cleaning, the processes of injection flood washing, spray cleaning and selective rinsing are available and can be combined. Drying is achieved by high-velocity air blow-off and/or vacuum, with the air blowing solution being integrable into a cleaning module as well.

Efficient Process and Cycle Times

Part handling for the deburring process takes place in one Y axis in the basic version. However, for high throughputs and exacting cycle time requirements that accompany these, the module can be fitted with a second Y axis. This allows loading and unloading to proceed simultaneously with deburring. The process time, at 14.5 seconds, thus becomes almost equivalent to the 15-second cycle duration. The same process time can be achieved for the cleaning and drying module by integrating a second, concurrently operating work chamber.

Pallets are moved between the individual processing stations by a linear drive system integrated as standard. The system conveys the parts from one station to the next at a speed of 4 to 5 meters per second. The loading process can be automated by integrating a gantry system or robot.

Long Tool Life

For process-inherent reasons, all tools used for deburring are subject to wear, which in turn results in a pressure drop in the system. Therefore, the tools need to be replaced after a certain number of operating hours. On the EcoCvelox, software and a variable-frequency drive-controlled high-pressure pump ensure that the process pressure is readjusted for this effect. This smart solution, providing a continual adaptation of the high-pressure level, extends tool life by at least 50 percent and thus boosts plant availability at the same time.

For a fast and efficient tool change, the deburring module has a lateral maintenance door. This provides easy access to both the single spindle and the turret-mounted, high-pressure tools.

machine control


On the 19-inch flat-screen monitor, all the system's modules are presented separately, similar to a smartphone display. Functions for easy troubleshooting are also included, as well as part ordering information.



User-Friendly Controls

The operator guidance system, a 19-inch flat-screen monitor (human-machine interface) displays all the system's modules separately, similar to a smartphone display. When a problem occurs, it is indicated by a color change of the affected module. A detailed view of this item can be pulled up easily. Various functions for easy troubleshooting are included, and if part ordering is necessary, a list of wear parts and spare parts with digital documentation is available within the control.

The EcoCvelox’s modular design and adaptability make this machine an efficient, one-stop solution for deburring, cleaning and drying needs.


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