Controlling Tight Radius Tolerances

What are some tips for deburring medium-size steel parts while maintaining strict radius tolerances?


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Q. We machine large quantities of a medium-size steel parts, creating sharp edges that need deburring. The radius on the print is 0.002 ±0.0005.  How do we deburr this part in a vibratory process and hold the radius to these tolerances? —B.B.

A. Tight radius tolerances can be precisely controlled with a precision 4-mm round-ball, ceramic, fast-cut media. The round media shape produces a single-point contact on the part. This slows the process of edge deburring, therefore providing radius process and tolerance predictability with a given time cycle.

Small media also slow and help control the radius process. So the combination of the media’s round shape and small size will give you the control required for tight radius tolerances.