Copper Plating Basics


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Q. Can you supply me with a few references for information about cyanide and non-cyanide copper plating baths? A.M.

A. There are a number of very good articles and references available that discuss the various types of copper plating. As you are most likely aware, there are four main types of copper plating: the classic alkaline cyanide-based bath, the non-cyanide alkaline bath, the acid bath and the electroless bath. Since space does not enable adequate discussion of these four baths, check PFonline.com for a number of articles on copper plating. One that I particularly recom-mend is found at pfonline.com/articles/choosing-and-troubleshooting-copper-electroplating-processes. In addition, if you search the site for the term “copper plating” you will find a number of other good articles.
A good book on the subject is Electroplating and Electroless Plating of Copper and Its Alloys by N. Kanani, which is available at Amazon.com and well worth the price.