Durable Bronze Finish


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Q. We need to install 1/4-inch wide metal accent strips in the marble and terrazzo floor of a local hotel. The designer wants a dark bronze color. What is the best way to obtain that color on a 1/4-inch wide strip so that it holds up to foot traffic? I’ve been told anodized aluminum will not hold the finish and to use powder coat on a brass strip... your thoughts? R.P.


A. If you are uncertain about using anodized aluminum in this application, you should be more concerned about using powder coating. Anodized aluminum is both harder and more durable than powder coated aluminum. Any coating that you apply over a base metal used in this application will eventually wear off, exposing the underlying metal.

If this is not the look you want, then choose a base metal that has the color you want in the first place. Solid brass is the typical material used in this application.

The brass will wear, like the floor, but the color will stay consistent as it wears.

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