E-Coat Training



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Q. My company has started an electrocoat system to coat small electrical components. Where can I obtain training for electrocoat operators and process engineers? M.A.

A. Most companies using electrocoat processes train their process operators with the help of their pretreatment, electrocoat or equipment suppliers. This training is basic in the theory and operation of electrocoat systems, and practices are sometimes customized for their specific technology, process and equipment.

The Electrocoat Association (electrocoat.org) offers basic and intermediate courses in the U.S. with the help of paint and equipment suppliers. Visit the website for information on locations and dates of future courses.

Some companies hire consultants to get advanced training for engineering and process personnel. This training can be customized to your specific requirements and line conditions, such as substrates, line density, efficiencies, material usage, curing and quality control.

Electrocoat systems and their ancillary equipment are complex operations that cover many branches of engineering, science and math. A good training program not only needs to include the basic chemistry and equipment operations and logic, but also focus on process and operational control, pretreatment, typical failures and failure modes, troubleshooting, ancillary equipment, best practices, and material and cost control, among other factors.