Eliminating Woods Nickel



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Q. We are attempting to apply a platinum plate to stainless steel. Our customers will not allow us to use a Woods nickel strike. Is there any other process that you can suggest that would not involve a chloride nickel strike? T. S. B.


A. Here is a procedure that may work for you: 


  1. Electroclean the parts.
  2. Descale in a nitric/sulfuric/fluoride solution for one minute.
  3. Electrocleaning cathodically in an alkaline descaler at 80–100 ASF for 1–2 minutes.
  4. Activate in a 50% solution of hydrochloric acid. Remove from this acid dip upon the appearance of noticeable gassing.
  5. Place in a chloride platinum plating bath. This will give you a strike on the surface. You can then deposit a heavier layer of platinum using a platinum plating bath designed for heavy deposits.

It is important that you perform vigorous rinsing between the various steps.


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