Florida Finishers Group Seeks Industry History, Films

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The Florida Finishers Corp., a chapter of the NASF, is seeking historical documents about the plating industry that can be presented at their January 2015 conference, "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow."


Dave Roach is asking anyone with historical information and photos about the metal finishing industry in Florida to contact him as he prepares a possible binder to share with conference attendees.


"Most all of us have heard stories, fact or fiction, over our years in this interesting industry," Roach said. "We all have stories about people, companies, events, discoveries, changes, etc., that we would like everyone to share. These can be in the form of written or printed documents, films, slides or simply voice recordings if someone just wants to 'tell us the story' rather than having to put it into writing."


Specifically, Roach is seeking a copy of a film that was possibly made in the 1970s called “History of Electroplating,” a presentation that was made by Al Weisberg, then president of Technic.  He traveled, visited and documented people and places in Europe complete with photos of great historical significance to our industry. Al’s humorous delivery made this a wonderful and memorable talk given to AES/AESF branches from Florida in 1974 and to many other regions.


Anyone who has any information, please contact: Dave Roach via email at cdroach@bellsouth.net, or by mobile phone 407-234-9059, or at his work 407-291-1023.


For more information on the conference, please click HERE





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