Fungus-Resistant Topcoat

#electronics #military


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Q. I work for a company that makes components for use in military hardware. We are using a mil spec polyurethane topcoat, MIL-PRF-85285, on an electronics housing, and I am trying to find a reference indicating that this topcoat is fungus-resistant. The specification does not mention fungus-resistance, and I haven’t run across any fungus-resistance studies referencing this specification. Do you have any suggestions short of testing? M.D.

A. My guess is that if the paint was fungus-resistant, it would be spelled out in the specification. The folks who write these specifications are very thorough about these things. I suggest you ask the paint supplier to be sure. If the topcoat is not fungus-resistant and that property is required, you will have to change paints to one that meets that requirement. Remember to get your customer’s permission to make such a change.