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Manufacturing Cleaning Association logo

For several years Gardner Business Media (GBM) has had the implementation of a cleaning association on its radar. Hosting the annual Parts Cleaning Conference and providing quarterly editorial coverage of parts cleaning in Production Machining and Products Finishing has drawn attention to the needs of professionals in the cleaning industry, including education, training and networking. It has become clear that creating a community of cleaning industry professionals that can learn from each other, and establish and hold strict industrial standards that answer the question “how clean is clean?” is in demand.

With the lead of Gardner Manufacturing Association Solutions (GMAS), a new entity formed within Gardner Business Media, and Matt Gilmore, director of membership and business development at GMAS, the association will have its first board meeting at the end of August, held virtually. Gilmore will serve as executive director of the Manufacturing Cleaning Association (MCA).

As a board member representing Gardner Business Media and editorial coverage of parts cleaning, I’m honored to be a part of the ongoing conversation of education within this industry. I anticipate a strong and active membership as we all work toward a common goal.

Other board members mostly include employees of founding member companies.

Current board members:

“It’s been a tremendous journey to get to the launch of the MCA,” Gilmore says. “With the guidance and industry expertise of the board of directors and the support and commitment of our founding members, we start strong and only get stronger.”

Initial meetings for the MCA began at the 2019 Precision Machining Technology Show (PMTS) where a prospective MCA member working group gathered. That meeting was followed by the structuring of the organization – including Code of Regulations, Articles of Incorporation, dues structures and member benefits. Then, in September 2019, the Manufacturing Cleaning Association (MCA) was officially established in the state of Ohio. In December, the MCA began signing founding members.

To learn more about the MCA, the membership levels and how to become a member, watch this recent webinar which introduces the association or download the presentation here. An MCA website is being created, but is not yet live.