Harley-Davidson Approves Asterion Technibrite Alkaline and Acid Zinc Systems


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Harley-Davidson has approved Asterion’s Technibrite alkaline and acid zinc plating systems for its motorcycle powertrain components, meeting the company’s zinc plate and seal per ESPEC 805-050, and its zinc plate per ESPEC 805-051 specification.

The approved zinc plating systems include the use of Technibrite AZ 130 alkaline, non-cyanide zinc or the ZN 200 chloride acid zinc, followed by Technicoat ZnBl 360 trivalent passivate. Techniguard F 108 sealant is used to meet the ESPEC150 specification for Harley-Davidson.

Blair Vandivier, president of Asterion, says his company worked with distributor Hydrite Chemical Company on the Harley-Davidson approval process, which imparts a silver-white (clear) finish.