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Question: I hope you can help with my paint question.

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I hope you can help with my paint question. We just moved into a house with a fireplace that has a round metal chimney that goes up two-stories to the ceiling. Apparently, the previous owners used the wrong paint or process to paint this chimney white, and with only a couple of months use now, the paint is cracking and peeling. Our painter said he couldn’t find heat-resistant paint in white and thought it would be easier to replace the whole thing. A fireplace guy says there’s got to be a way to properly treat and/or paint the thing. I called another professional painter who says that this was a first for him. I can’t believe this is all that rare. There’s got to be a relatively simple solution. It will have to be stripped obviously, but what are my options for repainting the thing? J.H.


Heat-resistant paints are available. Some of these products were developed as an off-shoot of the Space Program. Furthermore, many of the coatings used are white in color. Many of the heat-resistant paints are based on silicone and (other) modified silicone resin technology. I suggest you check paint stores that handle or have access to maintenance and industrial paints. They are out there; you’ll just have to dig them up.


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