Help Yourself and Others To Win the Tax Game...Investing... and Hurricane Victims

The direct lifeline for helping readers of this column save taxes, create tax-free wealth and beat up the IRS—all legally—is my national Network.


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The direct lifeline for helping readers of this column save taxes, create tax-free wealth and beat up the IRS—all legally—is my national Network. When it comes to your family and your business winning the tax game, what can hurt you the most?… Not knowing what you don’t know (and should know). The Network solves your problems.

Here’s how. Knowledge—particularly in taxes—is king. The plain fact is that when it comes to (1) estate planning and wealth transfer, (2) business succession, (3) asset protection and (4) related areas, no one professional or even an entire office of professionals knows it all. Or even pretends to know it all.

The Network consists of the following core practitioners (or an office of many practitioners—like a law office—that specializes in the following disciplines) to help clients:

  1. A tax planner (to create the plans), like yours truly.
  2. An experienced lawyer who is an expert in drafting the necessary documents.
  3. An insurance consultant.
  4. When assets must be valued—most often, a business—a valuation expert.

Other experts (like acquisition/merger or litigation support) in the Network are called on when needed. Simply put, the Network is an ever-growing group of specialists helping each other help their clients. During life. And beyond.

One member the Network has never found (and oh, how we have looked) is someone or an organization that can (profitably) help our clients invest their own funds and funds they control. That is consistently profitable over the long-term.
Well, miracle of miracles… A Texas insurance agent who had just finished reading my manual/book (more about the manual/book later) called me out of the blue. Not the perfect investment answer for all my readers. But he sure does have a transaction that should help satisfy the pleas of most readers of this column for a safe investment and still receive a high rate of return.

The company offering this transaction is a publicly traded company, trading on the NASDAQ. The average rate of return on investments is 16.57% per year throughout the company’s 14 years of operating history. If you want to make a killing on your investments, this is not for you. But if a set rate of return, with no market risk is of interest to you (or your IRA, 401(k) or other qualified plan) fax me (847-674-5299) your name, address, phone numbers (business/home/cell) and estimated amount to invest (minimum is $50,000).

So far we have only talked about how to help you: the reader. Now it’s time to ask you to help others (the victims of Katrina, the tragic hurricane that devastated people and property in three states).

Here’s our suggestion to keep helping our readers, while helping the hurricane victims: Earlier I mentioned my manual/book. It’s titled “Tax Secrets of the Wealthy.” It explains in detail an organized System to solve your estate planning, business succession and related problems. It contains the combined wisdom of the core members of the Network. The regular price of the manual/book is $167.

To help the hurricane victims, we are donating all manual/books (and paying the shipping costs) purchased by a reader of this column. All proceeds will be donated to a charity. Make your check payable to the Red Cross or The Salvation Army for $167.00. Send your check (you may choose to send more than $167, or if you don’t want the manual/book, your check will be sent to charity) to: Wealth Book/Charity Plan, Blackman Kallick Bartelstein, LLC, 10 South Riverside Plaza, Suite 900, Chicago, IL 60606. Please attach your business card or letterhead to your check.