High School Training Program Adds Powder Coating

According to the Kokomo Tribune, the new equipment includes a plasma table that cuts to precision as well as the recent addition of a powder coater.


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The Kokomo Area Career Center’s Advanced Manufacturing program in Indiana has added new technology for its manufacturing students in grades 8-12, including a powder coating area that officials are calling a “rarity at high school facilities.”

The Kokomo Area Career Center provides career and technical training for students in grades 8-12 from four counties and nine school districts. Students have options to earn more than 165 college dual credits, and the career center offers 10 career clusters and pathways, including manufacturing.

According to the Kokomo Tribunethe new equipment includes a plasma table (that cuts to precision) as well as a powder coater.

“Some of the equipment used here is kind of unheard of in a high school level,” says Maconaquah junior Lane Wagner in the article, one of 17 students currently in the program. “The powder coaters have really changed the way we do things here. It’s been a great experience. We don’t have to use paint. It limits time and we can make products faster.”

To read more about the Kokomo training center, read the article HERE.


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