How Trade Shows Can Serve as Your One-Stop Surface Finishing Shop

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Trade shows provide a great overview of new technology while industry-specific shows like SurfaceTechnology USA add a more specialized experience. As a result, visitors can find exactly what they’re looking for all under one roof.


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Hannover Fairs hosts Surface Technology USA co-located at IMTS 2018


The current state of the manufacturing industry is one surrounded by goals of connectivity. The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet of Things: these concepts are all becoming increasingly embedded in how manufacturers conduct business. This is also reflected in the products and services that manufacturers need in order to produce.

Consequently, trade shows are also reflecting this idea of inter-connectivity in the ways that it introduces attendees to new technology.

Surface Technology USA co-located at IMTS 2018, register now.

SurfaceTechnology USA is part of the Hannover Messe USA portfolio, co-located with IMTS 2018, the International Manufacturing Technology Show held at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. SurfaceTechnology USA returns September 10-15, 2018 as the U.S. incarnation of the long-running SurfaceTechnology show in Hannover, Germany.

SurfaceTechnology USA serves as a compliment to the technology visitors can see at IMTS from every part of the industrial supply chain. From part design to surface finish, contract and independent surface finishers can find market-ready products that make sense for their operations.

Exhibitors from around the world come together to showcase new coating technologies for metals, plastics, glass and ceramics. And many of the technologies showcased at SurfaceTechnology USA offer new treatment solutions with substantial cost savings.

Trade shows are your one-stop-shop for new technology. Whether you identify with international OEMs or contract shops, owner or operator, the compact environment of co-located shows further allow small to medium enterprises to get the most out of their trade show experience, all while focusing on a specific topic or application such as surface finishing.

These industry events allow visitors to explore best practices, new methods and acquaint themselves with experts in the industry, all under one roof.


Sales manager Tom Crain from Burlin Co. stresses the importance of both showcasing their industrial process cleaning chemicals and connecting with current and potential customers.


Quality Counts on the Surface

Coating technologies are inherently connected to several aspects of the manufacturing process. Innovative surface treatments and finishes are needed by all sectors of industry worldwide, especially for high-performance metals. As the last step in the durable goods manufacturing chain, surface finishes can often cause bottlenecks in the process. And they’re the final component before a product reaches the customer.


Products of any kind of material need to be treated with paintings and varnishes. Some metal parts, for example, need to be polished, electroplated and treated in other ways. This not only provides aesthetic benefits but is used to improve functionality and performance, and to also provide long-term protection.

SurfaceTechnology USA delivers even more than just the latest in finishing solutions. The show touches on all sectors and industries related to finishing applications, spanning those such as automotive, aerospace, medical and more. The show is designed for companies involved in applications such as:

1.Pretreatment, Parts Cleaning and Surface Prep

Often essential for code-compliance, show attendees may find themselves searching for pretreatment or cleaning solutions that not only meet the strictest requirements, but further protect against corrosion and other surface defects. This can include solutions ranging from complex chemical systems to abrasive blasting, or from aqueous to solvent-based applications.

2. Electrocoating, Electroplating

Electrodeposition is a popular method used in a variety of industrial applications. Electrocoating or e-coat systems are some of the most cost effective technologies for anyone looking for high transfer efficiency, especially on a high-volume production line. For metal deposition, electroplating is a widely used process for increasing corrosion and wear resistance. Whether used as a primer or final coat, visitors can explore ways that these processes can improve surface appearance, hardness and uniformity.

3. Mechanical and Abrasive Finishing

Mechanical finishing and abrasive technologies cover applications such as shot blasting, vibratory or barrel finishing, or shot peening. Explore several types of abrasive and mechanical products and equipment designed to efficiently clean, deburr, smooth and polish a variety of parts.

4. Paint and Powder Coating

Paint and powder coatings are often the final step before a product gets shipped out to the customer. For decorative and functional coatings alike, discover how paint powder finishing systems are continuing to evolve.

5. Metrology, Testing and Analysis Equipment

Each and every surface coating is backed by strict testing and analysis enabled by the latest in coating measurement tools. At the micron and nanometer level, surface testing is essential to understanding how a coating will measure up in its intended industrial use. This includes products such as testing gauges for surface roughness, thickness, hardness and color, as well as tools for measuring surface defects, corrosion and other damage.

Each of these applications serve a critical role in the quality and functionality of the final product.


Mike Quandahl, Regional Manager for DMP Corp., says the top reason they’ve exhibited at SurfaceTechnology USA is to reach a different type of customer than they have at other trade shows, particularly in the general manufacturing and machining space.


Best Practices: A Forum for Discussion

It’s critical to create high-quality parts that withstand the test of time, and sectors like automotive and aerospace are marked with heavy competition. But trade shows are where industry leaders come together. Attendees will find an open forum of sorts on the show floor where they can network with their peers, many of whom may face the same challenges and obstacles in their own operations.

Surface Technology USA covers topics such as surface cleaning, pretreatment, electrocoating, electroplating, paint and powder coating, and thermal spray.

Surface finishing systems are some of the most technical and chemically complex processes and are further complicated by a multitude of regulations and code compliance requirements. As many of these regulations evolve and become stricter, finishing methods and the industry as a whole is forced to adapt. That’s why there is no greater value for keeping up-to-date with best practices than at in-person events like industry trade shows.

Major trends include topics such as environmental protection, energy conservation and waste management. Electrocoaters and electroplaters, for example, are faced with regulations for wastewater treatment and handling of hazardous waste. Paint and powder coaters may face challenges with handling toxic chemicals and minimizing pollutants. As a result, companies must stay informed on new and changing regulations or face the risk of costly compliance fees and penalties.

Catering to customers with complex parts and requirements, exhibitors are showcasing surface treatments and tools that rise to the challenge, allowing visitors to analyze and compare products in real time, all in one place.


Seeing is Believing

With chemical coatings such as chrome or anodized varnishes, a lot of the action occurs below the surface or is hidden to the eye. However, the proof in the process is visible in the final product.

As a result, visual appearance and aesthetics play a major role in the quality requirements for a finished products.

Trade shows are the number one place where getting to look and touch the end product can ultimately help manufacturers make more informed business decisions.

For the machinist, the look and feel of the product is the result of mechanical processes such as shot-blasting, buffing, polishing and other abrasive means. For the powder coater, the finish may be influenced by factors such as electricity and powder flow.

At SurfaceTechnology USA, attendees get to see the finish for themselves. Trade shows are the number one place where getting to look and touch the end product can ultimately help manufacturers make more informed business decisions.

And when visual measurement fails, visitors can look to exhibitors with knowledge about the latest metrology and measurement technology for surface coatings. The ability to precisely measure characteristics such as surface thickness, color, roughness and texture can have a major impact on determining the part’s performance.

When it comes to covering the entire spectrum of surface finishes, the Surface Technology name accurately represents an all-inclusive showcase. At North America’s largest display of manufacturing innovation, Hannover Messe USA visitors have access to a multitude of technologies that touch on all aspects of the industrial supply chain. The co-located shows onsite serve as a compliment to that technology, as a means of further refining the trade show experience.

To register and learn more about SurfaceTechnology USA, visit hannovermesseusa.com/attend. To learn more about all of the shows under the Hannover Messe USA portfolio, visit hannovermesseusa.com.


About the Organizers:

Hannover Fairs USA

Hannover Fairs USA Inc. (HFUSA) is the U.S. subsidiary of Hannover, Germany’s Deutsche Messe – one of the world’s largest and most active organizers of industrial technology events. Chicago, Illinois-based HFUSA helps U.S. companies expand domestically and internationally through exhibit and sponsorship opportunities at Deutsche Messe’s worldwide portfolio of events. Participation in these events offers U.S. companies an unparalleled opportunity for business development through trade shows and conferences held in Hannover, Germany and North America, as well as in key markets such as China, India, Mexico and Turkey. HFUSA creates qualified new business leads, helps U.S. companies enter new markets and aids them in forming lasting partnerships. For more information, visit hfusa.com.

Deutsche Messe

2017 marks the 70th anniversary of Deutsche Messe AG, which was founded in 1947 with the staging of Germany’s first-ever Export Fair. Seven decades later, Deutsche Messe has taken its place among the world’s top organizers of investment goods trade fairs, sporting a rich portfolio of events held in Germany and around the globe. With projected 2016 revenue of 301 million Euros, the company ranks among the five biggest tradeshow companies in Germany. Its portfolio includes world-class events such as CeBIT (digital business), CeMAT (intralogistics and supply chain management), HANNOVER MESSE (industrial technology), INTERSCHUTZ (fire prevention, disaster relief, rescue, safety and security), and LIGNA (woodworking, wood processing, forestry). With approximately 1,200 employees and a network of 62 sales partners, Deutsche Messe is present in more than 100 countries.

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