IFCS Presents “Factories of the Future: What Does the Future Workforce Look Like?”

Intel Corp.’s Dr. Irene Petrick will focus on Industry 4.0, the Industrial Internet of Things, the fourth manufacturing revolution and artificial intelligence during the International Finishing & Coatings Summit in Atlanta, July 30 to August 1.


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Dr. Irene Petrick, Intel Corp.’s Market Innovation Director, Industrial Solutions Division/Internet of Things Group, will present “Factories of the Future: What Does the Future Workforce Look Like?” at the International Finishing & Coatings Summit and the International ThermProcess Summit in Atlanta, July 30 to August 1.

According to the Chemical Coaters Association International (CCAI), Petrick’s talk will focus on the theme “Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet of Things, the Fourth Manufacturing Revolution, Artificial Intelligence—these terms have quickly become standard manufacturing terminology, but exactly how do they impact your business and your workforce? Dr. Petrick will address what manufacturers can expect on the factory floor as well as changes to their workforce as these once-ideological concepts become today’s reality.”

Hosted by CCAI and Products Finishing, the International ThermProcess Summit (ITPS) and the International Finishing & Coatings Summit (IFCS) are designed to provide a place where industry executives can network and gain critical information for managing their manufacturing business.

Tim Pennington, Products Finishing editorwill speak on “Benchmarking Your Finishing Operation: Steps to Improve Efficiencies & Profits.” Michael Guckes from Gardner Intelligence and a Products Finishing columnist will speak on “Finishing Economics.”

For Summit information, including hotel reservations and registration, visit itps-ifcs.com or call 941-373-1830 with questions.