IMTS Showcases: Industry Parts Cleaning

Parts Cleaning exhibitors looking forward to 100,000 visitors at IMTS this year in Chicago.


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When the manufacturing world assembles in Chicago in September for the International Manufacturing Technology Show, more than two dozen companies representing the industrial cleaning market will be on hand to demonstrate their products, answer questions and explain why their industry is so important to manufacturing.

“IMTS is a really important show, a great opportunity to meet with a wide variety of existing customers and new prospects as well as to connect with suppliers,” says Cheryl Larkin, marketing director for Miraclean. “One of our major markets is medical device manufacturers, and this was a connection that started at IMTS back in the 1990s.”

IMTS is the largest and longest running manufacturing technology trade show in the U.S., and is held every other year at McCormick Place in Chicago. IMTS 2014 will run September 8-13.

Industrial cleaning companies say the show brings an added boost to their exposure, as well as to the bottom line.

“Every year, we have machine sales directly attributed to the show,” says John Carson, manager of marketing and business development for Guyson Corp. “Capital equipment purchases can take quite a while, so we will not be able to judge the success of IMTS 2014 until the middle of 2015.

Record Year

Frank Pedeflous, president of Omegasonics, says attending IMTS has been great for his business.

“The 2012 show was a record show for us,” he says. “As we’ve expanded our product line, we’ve seen corresponding increases in business after the show. We believe this will be another really good show. We have an even bigger presence in the industry and we anticipate this year will be our strongest yet.”

Recognized as one of the world’s preeminent stages for introducing and selling manufacturing equipment and technology, IMTS attracts more than 100,000 visitors from every level of industry and more than 112 countries.

David Gotoff, product manager for the general industry sector for Chemetall U.S., describes his company’s experience with the show in one word.

“Outstanding,” he says. “In my opinion, IMTS is the ideal trade show for a supplier like Chemetall, whose depth of offerings range from parts cleaning and rust inhibition to metalworking and D&S applications.”

Serious Buyers

Gotoff says that as a supplier of premium surface finishing chemistry, Chemetall values the fact that IMTS visitors are serious about resolving challenges and exposing themselves to new, innovative technologies.

“Virtually every attendee to IMTS is directly involved in applications where Chemetall solutions will reduce their operating expense and improve productivity,” he says.

While exhibiting at the IMTS show isn’t a cheap proposition, companies like Graymills say the ROI is well worth it.

“This is a huge budget item to us, but we feel that it is important to see and be seen at IMTS,” says a Graymills spokesperson. “A part of this commitment is that this is our home town, and we absolutely support manufacturing in Chicago. Decision-makers and idea-seekers continuing to be the main audience.”

Miraclean’s Larkin says the IMTS show has steadily increased awareness for specific cleaning processes such as nitric or citric passivating, especially among those who are experiencing a cleaning or passivating issue or who are being proactive.

Improving Processes

“Compliance is an impetus for OEMs and their outsource suppliers to take a closer look at cleaning and passivating—to establish cleaning and passivating standards, to develop a protocol for meeting them, and to validate their process,” she says. “For some attendees, the question is ‘where do we start with improving and formalizing our cleaning or passivating?’ For others, the question is how can I make my process even better?”

Larkin says that a well-designed automated precision cleaning and/or passivating system can be counted on to repeatedly deliver parts that meet or exceed compliance requirements, including record-keeping via data capture and barcoding.

“It is always a pleasure to be on the floor and meet with people who are interested to see if there is a better way,” she says. “I think those are the people IMTS attracts—people who want to know what new equipment developments can do to help improve their performance and efficiency, which is their bottom line.”

Carson says that about 10 years ago Guyson relocated from the Cleaning Pavilion in the East Hall to the Finishing Pavilion in the North Hall, where there is a greater density of machine tools.

“I don’t think the move reduced the base line number of cleaning projects we learn about at the show, but it seems that other blasting applications, such as surface preparation, shot peening, cosmetic finishing and deburring now make up a larger portion of our activity at IMTS,” he says.


Still, Carson expects this to be a great year for his company at IMTS. “We are very optimistic,” he says. “Economic conditions are better than 2012, manufacturing activity is growing and the drive to automation has never been stronger.”

Chemetall’s Gotoff says that while his company tends to lead with its metalworking solutions at IMTS, they know that most customers machining components need to address both cleaning and rust protection.

“These applications go hand in hand,” he says. “In 2012, we had numerous conversations on cleaning applications ranging from simple immersion processes on steel and aluminum to more challenging opportunities such as precision cleaning on exotic alloys or challenges related to painting or coating metal.”

Increased Presence

Graymills is increasing its presence this year. The company has broken its fluid conditioning product line into an extra booth in the North Hall, while maintaining its 40-foot booth in the East Hall. With a show this large, they realize that people focus their viewing to particular areas, and they are increasing their footprint to increase visibility.

IMTS is owned and managed by the Association For Manufacturing Technology, which represents and promotes U.S.-based manufacturing technology and its members, including those who design, build, sell and service the continuously evolving technology.

With manufacturing on the upswing in the past few years, many exhibitors—including those in the industrial cleaning sector—are excited to get the doors to IMTS open and let the selling begin.

“We feel that IMTS 2014 will surpass the record breaking attendee levels we saw in 2012, and assure that the manufacturing community receives exactly what they need—truly innovative programs to reduce operating costs, reduce waste generation and improve production rates,” Gotoff says.

Companies like Chemetall are happy that the economy remains robust, especially in key markets like automotive and aerospace where quality cleaning programs are a requirement.

“We can’t wait for IMTS and the opportunity to be face to face with our current customers, and have the ability to seek out new opportunity to demonstrate our valued solutions,” he says. 

For more information on IMTS, please visit imts.com or amtonline.org


IMTS Parts Cleaning On Display

The following companies will have their parts cleaning equipment on display at the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago, September 8-13.


Cleaner Preserves Machined Metals  A-5572

Gardoclean is the ideal solution to remove coolant and soils while providing corrosion protection for valuable machined parts, says manufacturer Chemetall. Effective in high-pressure spray washers (or in immersion) and fully compatible with all substrates, this concentrate forms a highly stable emulsion allowing for extended sump life. The residual film provides more than six months of indoor corrosion protection, allowing for effective inter plant shipments of protected parts, the company says, adding that high detergency, extremely low foam, outstanding stability, low VOC (29.7 g/L) and outstanding ROI are just some of the benefits this product delivers.

Chemetall US Inc. / 800-526-4473 / chemetallus.com


Variety of Ultrasonic Equipment Suits Multiple Needs  Booth E-5838

Ultrasonic Power Corp. says it is dedicated to research, design and manufacture of ultrasonic cleaning equipment and components to make it easy for customers to integrate ultrasonic cleaning technology into new and existing cleaning applications. The company manufactures components for a wide variety of industries including aerospace, pharmaceutical, musical instruments, firearms, and electronic and computer technology. In addition to custom designed systems, Ultrasonic Power Corp. manufactures standard ultrasonic wash system from 2 - 204 gallons. Items at IMTS include the standard ultrasonic cleaning system, the advanced sonic touch ultrasonic cleaning system; the BT 60SE self-contained industrial bench top system and the BT 60H industrial bench top system.

Ultrasonic Power Corp. / 800-575-0168 / upcorp.com


Precision Cleaning Equipment Meets Stringent Needs  Booth N-7259

Graymills says it has the widest variety of cleaning methods of any manufacturer: soak, manual, immersion, agitation, spray, ultrasonic, and bioremediation. Graymills will be featuring a wash/rinse/dry modular unit, displaying precision production cleaning equipment that can be specialized to meet the most stringent needs. Also on display will be the company’s latest evolution in manual aqueous cleaning. Graymills offers a full view of handling coolants and industrial fluids with pumps, filtration, and fluid conditioning equipment.

Graymills Corp., / 877-472-9645 / graymills.com


Automated Wet Blasting Machine Delivers 30 lbs of Abrasive Per min.  Booth N-6066

Guyson Corp. will introduce its Vaqua Komet automated wet blasting machine. The compact industrial slurry-blast system has two adjustable-speed spindles and a roof-mounted linear actuator to enable programmable vertical motion of four slurry blasting guns. The wet-blast cabinet has a 40 x 40-inch footprint and is fabricated from polished 304 stainless steel protected from abrasion by thick rubber curtains hung around the inside walls. The unit’s patented Vaqua Mark IX slurry pump is powered by a 2 HP motor and is capable of delivering up to 30 pounds of abrasive per minute.

Guyson Corp. of U.S.A., / 800-228-7894 / guyson.com


Conveyor Parts Washer is Customizable  Booth E-5662

Proceco is featuring a multi-stage, belt conveyor parts washer to wash, rinse, and dry metal parts in a continuous process. Proceco belt conveyor washers can be designed in any size, and can be customized to meet your cleanliness requirements by adding options such as an indexing conveyor, part fixturing, and spray cleaning probes. Specializing in custom integrated designs, Proceco manufactures a wide range of automatic parts washers, precision cleaning systems, high-pressure water jet deburring machines, surface treatment lines, and wastewater treatment units. Proceco says its systems improve product quality and productivity in the automotive, aerospace, heavy machinery, and general manufacturing industries.

Proceco Ltd./ 800-978-6677 / proceco.com


Precision Cleaner Delivers Superior Particle Count Results - Booth E-5458

The SonicCell Cube is a high performance precision parts cleaning system that is field proven to deliver superior particle count results, according to manufacturer Miraclean. The Cube is compact, fully automated, and fully enclosed. It packs ultrasonics, two additional types of mechanical cleaning and rinsing actions plus air blow off to dry. The cleaning package is effective for a variety of parts including medical devices, aerospace and automotive components, and tools, among others. Miraclean also builds manual and/or automated precision parts cleaning lines, nitric and/or citric passivating lines, titanium anodizing lines, electro-polishing lines, and penetrant application lines. The company also supplies chemistries for cleaning, passivating and anodizing.

Miraclean, Div. Chautauqua Chemicals Co. Inc. / 716-763-4343 / miraclean.com


Precision Ultrasonics are Designed with Price Point in Mind  Booth E-5568

Manufacturers that require components to undergo rigorous cleaning will obtain premium results with the Omegasonics Viking Series—without the premium price tag, the company says. The Viking line of multi-stage ultrasonic cleaning stations offers customers requiring precision parts and components cleaning with the same efficient, effective ultrasonic cleaning technology, but with multiple washes and rinses, and high efficiency parts drying. Omegasonics offers the Viking X2, DX3 and DX4. All units are designed for maximum portability with built-in casters and a single point of connection for utilities. Multi-stage systems from Omegasonics do not include automation, making them reasonably priced and economical for even small- to mid-sized businesses.

Omegasonics / 800-669-8227 / omegasonics.com


S.S. Parts Washers Designed for Rugged Operation  Booth E-5680

Jayco Cleaning Technologies will display its line of parts washers designed for reliable, rugged operation for all industrial applications. These washers feature all-stainless steel construction of cabinet, rotary baskets, pumps and plumbing for superior durability. Various machines in Jayco’s line offer multiple wash, rinse and dry configurations, and all parts washers incorporate heavy-duty construction and ergonomic design for ease of operation. The company will also be featuring the Elmasonic line of automated parts cleaning systems. Successful cleaning applications range from optics, medical components and aerospace to general manufacturing. The MAFAC line of advanced integrated rotary basket parts cleaning systems will also be displayed by Jayco, which is MAFAC’s North American partner. MAFAC’s patented process technology provides reliable and efficient parts cleaning solutions for both industrial and precision parts cleaning applications. Combining spray cleaning with adjustable co-rotation, counter-rotation, and rocking of the basket, MAFAC’s technology is said to assure contamination removal from the most complex parts.

Jayco Cleaning Technologies / 513-737-9600 / jaycoclean.com


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