In-Mold Paint

Do you know of any kind of in-mold paint that is compatible with polyurethane?


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Q. We are looking for an in-mold paint for polyurethane structures for outdoors use. Our polyurethane structures are window sashes, windows sills, door frames, horizontal beams, some accessories and other decorations used outside the house. We want to use an IMP ( in-mold paint). Do you know of any kind of paint that is compatible with polyurethane? E. A.


A. I believe you want to apply a coating to the inside of molds before filling them with a structural polyurethane molding compound. My experience with this process was with fiberglass automobile bodies and boats, during my paint company days.

There are other issues in addition to the compatibility of the IMP with the polyurethane structural resin. Your choice of mold release will be important since the coating will be applied over it and you want the IMP to be free from fisheyes and holidays. The polyurethane structural molding compound cannot have any mold release incorporated into its formulation. Otherwise, it will not adhere to the IMP. Obviously, the weather resistance of the IMP will also be important. My suggestions for resin types for the IMP would be acrylics or polyesters

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