In Search of Plating Books

Where can I find books in the area of electroplating and metal finishing to purchase?


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Q: I am looking for a number of different books in the area of electroplating and metal finishing. Where can I find these books to purchase? D.K.


A: By-and-large, books on electroplating and metal finishing do not remain in print for long periods of time. Sadly, books on electroplating are not in the same category as the “page-turners” found in airport bookstores. It has been my experience over the past 20 years that if you see a new book on an area of metal finishing that you are interested in, you must immediately buy a copy because it will disappear from publication very quickly.
There are a number of locations where you can purchase books. Here are a few web sites: Amazon.com (www.amazon.com); American Electroplaters & Surface Finishing Society (www.aesf.org); ASM International (www.asm-intl.org); Institute of Metal Finishing (www.uk-finishing.org.uk); Finishing Publications (http://finpubs.demonweb.co.uk). A Google search may find other sources of books.



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