Inline Aluminum Foil Cleaning


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Q. I would like to degrease 0.003-0.010-inch aluminum foil inline before I punch and sheet. Can you point me toward someone who makes this type of equipment and related chemistry? P.R.

A. Although you will only be cleaning, the type of equipment you are describing is for a process called roller coating. There are several companies that supply this equipment in North America and Europe. The chemistry could be handled by the supply of an in-line, aqueous spray wash cleaner. I suggest visiting the Products Finishing web site at PFonline.com and going to the Suppliers tab. Then search under the “Cleaning and Pretreatment” suppliers, where you will find many capable suppliers that could assist you. You may also want to start with the chemical supplier since it may be able to work with an equipment supplier to run some process trials in order to validate the cleaning process before you get too far into it.